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Seahawks 7 Round Draft - No Trades Version (aka the straight stuff) **edited for Clark Trade!

  • So, draft week is here. Smoke screening is in full effect, rumors are flying, scouts are being sent home because they cant be trusted (and youre Oakland), and doubtlessly GMs and coaches league wide are staring at their draft boards with anticipation, nervousness, and excitement.

    Famously, Seattle has just 4 picks at the moment in the draft, the fewest of any team and the fewest theyve ever had in the current era. We all assume they will trade down, trade maybe even next years picks when they have more coming in, before and during the draft. Sometimes however, that is easier said than done. Seattle wont let itself be fleeced, but they arent trading from a position of strength -- everyone knows they want to trade down, and more over, the strength of this draft is seen to be in the 2nd round. There may not be willing buyers. In any case, its not a worthless exercise to take a look at what might be there for them if they, for whatever reasons that work against them, just stay put. So this is our full draft, assuming no movement.
    **this was completed moments before the Frank Clark trade and has now been edited. The 3rd round pick is now #92, and there is an additional 1st Rounder pick, #29.

    1st round, 21st overall. Now, someone is going to fall here..but its difficult exactly to know who. Here are some of the more likely 1st rounded graded players who I think will have a decent chance of being there at 21:

    EDGE Brian Burns. Very capable, but not the premier.. the run on EDGE rushers may leave him still there at 21. He played at under 240 pounds last season but gained some for the combine but still showed speed.

    EDGE Clelin Ferrell. He is heating up as a prospect and coule be gone, but that would mean 5 of the first 20 picks were EDGE rushers. It could happen, but he could fall here. Explosive first step and at times can take things over. Not ideal strength.

    DL3T Jerry Tilley. 6ft 6in tall and just does what he wants for the most part. Effective against the rush and the pass. Very disruptive and could last as he isnt a specialist of just one thing.

    DL3T Jeffery Simmons. Whoever picks him is getting possibly the best D lineman in the draft but he will likely have to redshirt his freshman year so he will fall, maybe this far. Great value at that point, but with just 4 picks maybe Seattle cant afford to pick him.

    OG Chris Lindstom. Plug him in and let him play for 5 to 10 years and not have to worry about the position.

    OT/OG Dalton Risner. He's a right tackle but I see him as a guard in the NFL, but he can play anywhere along the line and that is versatility the Seahawks love.

    Less likely , but not impossible in the first:

    S Juan Thornhill. Elite athlete and the Seahawks might see him as someone to make the defense run "right" again, with single deep safety coverage. More of a 2nd round pick but Seattle doesnt have a 2nd rounder and if they fall in love, they could come get him here. Theyve shown they dont care what players are rated in other peoples minds, they get who they want.

    WRF N'Keal Henry . I think Seattle does well finding WRs later but if Baldwin is bad and the Seahawk Front office feels pressed they could reach here. I hope not.

    My pick: With Clark gone, the Seahawks will pick whichever of the 2, Brian Burns or Ferrell has fallen this far. Lets call it EDGE Brian Burns.

    Next pick:

    1st Round, #29. In keeping with the original idea that we wont do trades, the Seahawks at this point will feel confident and move up and take their Earl Thomas replacement: FS Juan Thornhill.

    Other considerations:

    WR Parris Campbell. Projected as a 2nd rounder, could sneak into the first round. If this pick had stayed with KC he might have.

    DL3T Jefferey Simmons is likely still available and with 2 #1s this becomes very tempting, but immediate production will be too tempting.

    S Chauncy Gardener- Johnson. Some people see him as high than Thornhill but Thornhills unique abilities make him a slightly better fit.

    DL3T Jerry Tilley could still be there and it wouldnt be a surpirse to see them take him here.

    Our pick: S Juan Thornhill

    Round 3, 84th overall. Its really going to hurt to not have a second. The CB that would be ideal for Seattle, and one I could see them going higher than they usually go for the position is Justin Layne, and he will go somewhere in the middle of the 2nd. Early in the process he was seen as a 3rd to 5th rounder but word is out.

    So, what do we have at 84?


    CB Lonnie Johnson. A bit of a project, but has the size and presence to be a Seattle corner. Hard to get the ball over.

    CB Joejuan Williams. 6ft 4. Corner. Yeah.

    WR Andy Isabella. Keeps rising and might be gone in the 2nd. Small, but a real threat all over the field, including deep courtesy of 4.31 speed.

    WR Emanuel Hall. Reminds me a bit of Sydney Rice -- a WR who can take the top off of the defense but isnt a truly dominant WR, but has to be respected enough to function as one. Maybe needs time with the JUGGS machine.

    WR Riley Ridley. His combine performance sort of disqualifies him as a Seahawk receiver. Just a 30 inch vertical and a relatively pedestrian 4.58 40 time are not what the Seahawks covet.. but the tape shows a receive who high points well and plays fast. The Seahawks are hopefully wise enough to understand when to abandon their metrics. The combine numbers might scare enough people away to make him available here. Maybe not.

    TE Jace Sternberger. The Seahawks have met with him and that means he is on their radar. Good routes, makes catches in the crowded spaces. Not all the way there with the blocking but seems to be coachable and to have space to get stronger on his frame.

    DL5T Charle Omenihu. Calls himself a bigger Chandler Jones. Plays like it.

    EDGE D'Andre Walker. The question here is does his game translate to the NFL..he will need to get bigger, but has the ability to win against TEs and lesser OTs now.

    Ot/OG Nate Davis. Will probably play Guard in the NFL. Surprisingly athletic. Another plug and play option.

    DL3T Khalen Saunders. Lacks height but otherwise is a beast. If the Seahawks dont go with Tilley in Rnd1 Id want Saunders here. A moneyball pick possibly.. if he were 2 inches taller he would be a late 1st round pick.

    My pick: Jace Sternberger will possibly be gone, otherwise he is my choice here as a hedge against Dissly's injury and to be a set when he is back. But as maybe he's gone the choice is : CB Lonnie Johnson.

    next pick: 4th Round, pick 124 overall.

    EDGE Maxx Crosby Evaluations have him everywhere from 3rd round to 6th. Im putting him here.

    WR Miles Boykin. Average college production but every indication he has the tools for the NFL.

    OG Nate Davis could still be available here. Like Crosby, there is no unanimous verdict on his value.

    WR Penny Hart. Not the ideal Seahawk receiver but has the twitchiness that PC in particular falls in love with.

    CB Isaiah Johsnon. Raw but with amazing atheletic ability. Attractive Seahawk type pick.

    DL1T Greg Gaines. Local guy, could plug a hole in the middle.

    EDGE Jalen Jelks. Can collapse pockets with a great inside move,

    My choice: **Editted. With the trade of Clark and taking Burns in the first, the pressing need and sensible pick (and instand fan favorite) is DL1T Greg Gaines. I would be tempted to take Jalen Jelks or Crosby and have 2 new EDGE rushers, but Gaines is needed and good value here.

    And finally:

    5th Round, 159th overall. Some matches I think make sense:

    CB Michael Jackson. Press corner that mauls the WR at the line of scrimmage. Really like him for Seattle.

    WR Gary Jennings. Great at the contested cach and was basically Doug Baldwin for West Virginia.

    TE Drew Sample. Hometown favorite. Good speed and well rounded TE.

    OG Dru Sumia. I still think the Seahawks want young depth behind their injury prown or older guards and Dru is a road grader.

    The pick: WR Gary Jennings. Not flashy, but productive and probably able to instantly mesh with Russell Wilson.

    So.. that is the 5 rounds!

    In summary:

    21st - EDGE Brian Burns.

    29th - S Juan Thornhill

    84th - CB Lonnie Johnson

    124th - EDGE Maxx Crosby

    159th - WR Gary Jennings.

    In this scenario UDFAs will be important. Some guesses: TE/FB Trevon Wesco, CB Ken Webster, WR Nyquan Murray, RB Darwin Thompson, and S Zedrick Woods.

    Feedback, comments, insults, incredulous shock welcome!

  • You need to add the DE Frank Clark trade now!!!

    Great stuff.

    Love going Defense heavy on the first 2 days.

  • Great read! I'm getting so pumped for the draft!

  • Now updated for the Clark trade!

    Hopefully tomorrow will have the "with trades" version prepared. But that will now need new work too figuring out what makes sense to do with the 29th pick and whether which or both of the #1s gets turned into more picks.

  • Nice work!

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