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Traded: Seahawks demanding a 1st-Rounder for DE Frank Clark

  • So the rumor flying around the interwebs, pre-draft/post-Wilson extension is that the Seahawks are willing to move their sack-leading DE Frank Clark for a 1st-round pick in the 2019 (2020?) draft.

    This is especially important for the Seahawks because they rarely use their 1st-round pick on actual players (OT Germaine Ifedi and DE Bruce Irvin) being the most recent examples (not including the trades for WR Percy Harvin and TE Jimmy Graham).

    This could all be just some fluff because Clark is Franchised Tagged and has no options if the Seahawks have not attempted to negotiate a long-term deal.

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    Adam Schefter Reports:

    Seahawks agreed to trade their franchise player, DE Frank Clark, to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 2019 first-round pick, a 2020 second-round pick and an exchange of third-round picks this year, per league sources.

    Schefter follows up with an Extension Report:

    Chiefs and Frank Clark reached agreement on a 5 yrs, $105.5 million contract - greater total than DeMarcus Lawrence, with $63.5 million guaranteed, per source.

  • Great trade. Gonna miss Frank obviously but our draft capital just got significantly better. There's no version of this where we were gonna pay him that much money, not on this defense.

    Good for us being smart, good for him getting paid and going to a great franchise. Our draft just got much more interesting.

  • Well... goddam it. I JUST finished a Seahawk complete draft based on our original 4 picks. Literally just clicked Submit and saw this. lol.

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