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The 2019 Seahawks Schedule is here!

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    • Week 1 Vs Cincinnati Bengals
    • Week 2 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 10AM
    • Week 3 Vs New Orlean Saints
    • Week 4 @ Arizona Cardinals
    • Week 5 Vs LA Rams (Thursday Night Football)
    • Week 6 @ Cleveland Browns 10AM
    • Week 7 Vs Baltimore Ravens
    • Week 8 @ Atlanta Falcons 10AM
    • Week 9 Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • Week 10 @ San Francisco 49ers (Monday Night Football)
    • Week 11 Bye Week
    • Week 12 @ Philadelphia Eagles (Sunday Night Football)
    • Week 13 Vs Minnesota Viking (Monday Night Football)
    • Week 14 @ LA Rams (Sunday Night Football)
    • Week 15 @ Carolina Panthers 10AM
    • Week 16 Vs Arizona Cardinals
    • Week 17 Vs San Francisco 49ers

    Four 10AM East Coast Games
    One Back-to-Back Road Game Series
    One Back-to-Back Home Game Series
    Five Primetime games (1 TNF, 2 MNF & 2 SNF)
    Two Primetime Home Games
    Three Primetime Road Games
    Three Primetime games back-to-back-to-back (Four if you count the game MNF game before the Bye Week)
    Three Divisional Games in the last four games
    Four AFC games completed before the first half of the season

  • Quick reaction is that this is a favorable schedule for the Seahawks.

  • 4 primetime games in a row late in the season could be a lot of fun if we're getting ready for a playoff run, but it could be super rough and embarrassing if we suck hahaha.

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