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Earl Thomas on retiring as a Seahawk


    “I envision one day retiring as a Seahawk,” Thomas said on the Rich Eisen Show on Wednesday. “I would never burn a bridge there. I still love my teammates. Hopefully, they’ll hang my jersey in the rafters.”

    That should make the more sentimental of Seahawks fans happy, I would think. I like to imagine that in ten years or so, who knows maybe less, we'll get to have some kind of LOB reunion ceremony where we get to honor these guys for helping to bring us one of the most dominant defenses in NFL history and the greatest era of Seahawks football.

  • Bob Condotta had an idea where they make a LOB jersey and hang that in the rafters. I think that would be cool too.

    Is it just me that thinks Brandon Browner sort of gets shafted? Yea, he left first and had had a hard go if it later. But his size and power and style was one reason LOB was coined in the first place. It wasn’t just Chancellor. You had three outsized dudes and a little rocket just BRINGING IT.

    Miss those early years.

  • Yeah you're right. Browner's been getting shafted since the minute he got suspended. We win the Super Bowl and it's almost as if he wasn't even there when in reality he may have been as instrumental as anybody in creating the LOB and making it what it was.

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