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Phew! That was a close one. Or maybe not!

  • Just renewed my Seahawk season tickets. For obscure reasons my ticket account is connected to an old email account I rarely use. Hadnt even thought about my tickets. Last night I randomly had to open that email account to find I had to renew 3 weeks ago! And last week had been given a "final notice".. Went to login to my account manager and it wouldnt work! Had I been deleted? Changed the password and it begrudingly let me in.. But wouldnt accept any of the 3 credit cards I offered as payment. All Japanese issued. Ive had these issues before. Ask Sammy..I make him pay for all my training camp passes because of this!

    Anyway.. called the bank today.. convinced them that no one in Seattle was trying to scam me.. and just now.. renewed! Woo hoo! Here is too a new season of memories!

  • Close call.

    Glad that you got it squared away.

    My friend who I normally split my season tickets with is buying a house this year is and now mortgage poor.

    So either I'm going to more games or I may be selling some tickets.

  • I have a couple friends who are always interested in getting them. To the point that really if you needed or wanted someone to go in with you now on them , they probably would. Ive already arranged to sell 2 of mine to them.

    Let me know.

    I blame my close call on you.. I became too dependent on you telling me your renewal package had come in!

    Really dont want to miss this year.. good things are coming again!

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