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The HawksCast 1 round Mock with Commentary. by VM

  • A couple of notes on the process and picks: I established need by checking a few different sources and seeing what seemed to be true and also trying to see if the teams actions seem to indicate they agree with the "expert" opinions. Then I combined some of my own work with seeing how others felt about players and tried to create a list of the top 50. Then I did a blind draft.. without having checked anyone else's. So, here it is. The positions listed before the pick are what I decided were the teams top needs.


    QB Kyler Murray

    I dont agree with them doing this but it seems pretty sure they are.

    1. San Francisco
      CB, S, EDGE, WR

    EDGE Nick Bosa

    The best player in the draft and Im not happy this guy will be in the NFC West.

    1. NY Jets
      EDGE, CB, OT, IDL

    DL3T Quinnen Williams

    This could just as easily be Josh Allen but I felt Williams was maybe the most dominant D lineman overall last season so would be hard to pass on.

    1. Oakland
      EDGE, CB, RB, LB

    EDGE Josh Allen

    The most pressing need after trading Mack last year.

    5 Tampa Bay
    LB, EDGE, CB

    OT Jonah Williams
    They have to decide if Winston is what they want to do at QB . Williams will give them time to evaluate.

    6 NY Giants
    EDGE, OT, CB, QB

    DL3T Ed Oliver

    I think some people want them to go QB here but I just couldnt justify it. Oliver will reinforce the D and be a wrecking ball.

    1. Jacksonville
      EDGE, OT, TE

    OT Jawaan Taylor

    They are hoping Foles is the answer, post Bortles. Taylor will be his new best friend.

    8 Detroit
    CB, TE, EDGE

    EDGE Montez Sweat

    Sweat has shot up in recognition. I tend to be wary of players who show up more in shorts than pads, but you cant deny his potential.

    1. Buffalo
      IDL, EDGE, OT
      CB Greedy Williams

    I didnt list CB as their absolute top need but the best CB will have more value than what they would get otherwise here I felt.

    10 Denver
    QB, LB, IDL

    ILB Devin White

    White will help plug the middle for the next 8 to 10 years.

    11 Cincinnati
    LB, OT, TE

    EDGE Clelin Ferrell

    This could be early but the Bengals need playmakers on D.

    12 Green Bay
    S, TE, OT

    WRF DK Metcalf

    Green Bay and Rodgers just seem to work when they have lots of WR that are legit threats more than a TE. DK Metcalf will take pressure off Adams.

    13 Miami

    CB Byron Murphy

    I think I believe those that say Miami is in a long term re-set and wont feel compelled to grab a QB this year, in a down year for QBs.

    1. Atlanta
      IDL, EDGE, CB

    EDGE Brian Burns

    Vic Beasely isnt cutting it as their main pass rusher off the edge. This might be a reach for Burns but if you want an EDGE rusher these days you have to be prepared to stretch out for it!

    15 Washington

    WR AJ Brown

    Washinton needs some real threats at WR, AJ Brown will help.

    16 Carolina
    EDGE, OT, S, IOL

    WR Hakeem Butler

    Cam needs weapons and Butler should provide that.

    NY Giants
    CLE CB, S, IDL, LB

    QB Dwayne Haskins

    I considered that they might be able to trade this to Arizona for Rosen. But with how the draft seemed to fall in my opinion I thought they might be better off keeping the pick and Haskins and getting and extra year of him compared to getting Rosen's already 1 year old contract. If they think Rosen is better they might make the trade here.

    18 Minnesota
    IOL, OT, IDL

    DL3T Rashan Gary

    That defensive line used to be a strength..its not really now. This gets them back on track.

    19 Tennessee

    EDGE Jachai Polite

    Again, this could be early but everyone is seeming to need an EDGE rusher and needs to counter all the throwing. Polite isnt perfect but will be an immediate upgrade.

    20 Pittsburgh
    WR, LB, CB, EDGE

    FS Deionte Thompson

    Not their biggest need but it looks like that Thompson might slide to here and thats hard to ignore. The Steelers secondary will have a lot of Free Agents next year.

    1. Seattle --> Oakland
      S, EDGE, CB
      TRADE1 - RAIDERS TJ Hockenson

    Obviously this is a Seahawks board so I spent the longest time on this. Obviously Seattle wants to trade back. I tried to find something realistic. I felt the Raiders would be willing to move up so they get TE Hockenson. They lost their starting TE from last year and Gruden was unhappy about it. Carr likes going there so this gives them the TE they like best. It could be TE Noah Fant instead.

    Seattle gives up #21, and gets #27 and #99.

    22 Baltimore

    TE Noah Fant

    The Ravens really need a WR, but the value here is TE and its also a need and might fit their QB best. They are happy to get either of the top 2 TEs.

    1. Houston
      OT, IOL, S

    OT Andre Dillard

    QB Watson was sacked far, far too much last year. Dillard will bring that number down.

    1. Oakland
      CHI EDGE, CB, RB, LB

    RB Josh Jacobs

    Only one RB really worth the first round this year and Oakland is the team in the situation they can use a pick there.

    1. Philadelphia
      S, OT, EDGE, RB

    FS Juan Thornhill

    Good value here for what some people might say is the best FS in the draft. Need a tackle but I dont see value at 25 for that. Might indicate they might need to trade up.

    1. Indianapolis
      IDL, WR, S, CB

    DL3T Christian Wilkins

    No deep holes but Wilkins will solidify the interior of the D line.

    27.Oakland --> Seattle --> Green Bay
    TRADE2 PACKERS DL1T Dexter Lawrence

    The Seahawks trade down a second time. They send both picks from Oakland to Green Bay (#27, #99) and get #30, #107, and #111.

    The Packers move up to secure Dexter Lawrence who will anchor the middle of their D line.

    1. LA Chargers
      OT, IDL, WR

    CB Amani Oruwariye

    They might be tempted to go QB or OT but Id still consider those reaches with what is there. Oruwariye will help them keep pace with the Chiefs passing game and raise the talent level of the defense.

    29 Kansas City
    EDGE, CB, LB

    DL5T Zach Allen

    Not a pure EDGE D lineman but Zach Allen can help with the rush and against the pass. Lacks speed to be a true EDGE rusher but has a good bull rush. Smart player and might develop more pass rush techniques and so he will be a good all round DE at the next level. Helps fill the loss of Justin Houston.

    1. Green Bay
      S, TE, OT

    OG Chris Lindstrum

    Seahawks fail to trade back again. I disagreed when preparing that Seattle feels OG is a need after their signings..but Lindstrum is good insurance vs injury this year and is probably the best guard in the draft. He could start this year , if not next and then will hold that job for 10 years.

    1. LA Rams
      EDGE, LB, CB

    ILB Devin Bush

    The Rams got to the Super Bowl last year but still had some obvious holes. Bush probably wont really fall this far but if he does is a steal.

    1. New England
      EDGE, IDL, WR

    QB Drew Lock

    Scoop is Tom Brady may not play forever and there has to be a plan in place. This could be it.

    So after the first round I found it interesting I ended up with the following still available, though the Seahawks in this draft dont have a 2nd rounder:

    S Taylor Rapp
    S Nasir Adderly
    C Garret Bradbury
    WR N'Keal Harry

    So, with the trades I saw for Seattle they would end up with these picks:

    1, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5

    Maybe a trade back in the 4th to get some late round things. I wouldnt rule out a way to get back into the 2nd since JS seems to see a lot of value there.


  • My first glance is that Seattle would love to trade out of the 1st round twice for more picks on Day 2.

    Also... would New England really draft a QB? I feel like they would draft a QB late, late, late. They do draft QBs each year but I feel like they see their success with late round picks and then turn those guys into higher-round picks on the 2-4 games they'll play over 3 years.

    Good stuff.

    My personal draft position board (since I don't watch the mocks or know who's worth drafting); DL/DE, S, CB, WR, LB & OL <in that order of priority.

  • @sammyc521

    I think this year they might have to break their pattern, New England I mean. Brady was good last year but actually behind the curve most of the year , especially in the second half of the year.

    Theyve mostly treated their QBs like Moneyball baseball closers.. easy to get a 25 to 40 save closer and then trade them since people THINK the guy is great. But they have to get serious now and I think they had thought they were done with the search and Garapallo was their guy.

    Its likely they go in a different direction, but they would also take this QB and have him look awesome and get a 1st for him later from a team that drafts higher. I dont think they will be able to get the IDL they will likely want, and any EDGE guy you get at 32 is going to be the 7th best at that position so its better value to go somewhere else with the pick. I see QBs actually falling this year so there may be value for teams not in a hurry to get one,and the 1st round gives you the 5th year option which is extra valuable for QBs, which is why I had the Patriots go there. They could be aggressive and try to go up and get one of the top 2 TEs as their offense runs so much better with strong TEs in place.

  • Nice mock! Guard isn't the sexiest pick for sure but I would love to see that O-line built up. This may be another year we just try to trade straight out of the 1st. Something in me really wants them to get a stud WR in the 1st this year though. Lowkey - at 30, if we could snag a JJ Arcega-Whiteside, or Kelvin Harmon I'd be happy. Harmon had a crappy combine but he may be a guy thats just better on the field than combine drills.

    Good job, @Veda-the-Moor !!

  • I tried to trade out of the 1st round for them but I couldnt do it without "cheating" ..getting too unrealistic. Part of it is the numbers game and its seems a lot of players are really valued in the late 1st early 2nd range. I listed 7 edge rushers in the top 50 but maybe 18 teams that need them so that positioning would make it happen but at 21 we are going to miss that show.

    The 5th year of a contract means a lot on QB contracts but its a weak class for that.. when I compared later it seems people think totally unworthy QBs will go early.. and thats possible but I like to think NFL teams are getting smarter and realizing its better to not draft a QB at all than marry themselves to the wrong one.

    Anyway I couldnt really get them out of the 1st after 2 drop downs.

    As far as receivers go..I put 5 WRFs and 1 WRS in the top 50 but I dont really want to take any. I think the beauty of the Seahawks system is it turns pedestrian SEEMING WRs into efficient producers. Our systems doesnt need Julio Jones and Julio Jones would be wasted.

  • I don’t know about guard if they passes on Wil Hernandez in a similar spot last year and guard was arguably a bigger need. How does Lindstrom compare to Hernandez who I thought was the consensus second guy (well) behind Quentin Nelson?

  • Hello @naholmes , welcome!

    I get what you are saying and you very well could be right. But I see a couple of differences: last year I dont think the Seahawks saw themselves in the same position. I think they believed one of the younger players would emerge, and overall they would have been younger on the line.

    This year they have brought in Iupati who is 31, and although guards can play into their mid 30s Iupati is already on the down side of his career. He could be fine for this year but he is a band aid. When I did the mock it happened that Lindstrom was there and for me it feels like the right time and place for that pick. I truly believe the Seahawks as well are done playing games on the O line and having a chance to pick the best guard in the draft vs. , say, the 4th WR.. its good value.

    As far as Lindstrom vs Hernandez go.. Hernandez probably has the more brute power and presence but in some ways I see them similar. Neither is an elite athlete type. Lindstrom though has more length and height and played at Boston College which is a run heavy offense that uses a lot of play action. That sounds awfully familiar.

    OF course, all that said, yesterday when I read a few more mocks I found out that Mel Kiper also picked LIndstom for Seattle so now I know Im wrong. Im surprised at how many drafts have the Seahawks taking a WR early. I think the Seahawks feel they can get value for that position later in the draft and their offense can make non classic WRs into highly productive players.

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