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A new look, perhaps! Patience please!

  • Currently Hawkscast is in the process of evaluating where we want to go with the site and what we need to get there. Among other things we are considering is a change to lay out and color..perhaps more conventional. If you have an opinion on the tile layout versus the text-list style please speak up! While we are experimenting the site may have sudden format or color changes, we apologize and appreciate your patience!

    HawksCast staff

  • The all white isn't my thing but the different skins offered in my profile seem to be working! I'm using Cyborg and has a really dark background. The accent colors aren't Seahawky but it really helps my eyes.

  • The white is looking too generic ..we should make a post telling people they can change it themselves and explain how in a pinned post or something.

  • Something changed since I made that last post. The Skin option is gone and all my colors are funky?? Was a setting changed by admin?

  • Yes, there's an option to default everyone into a specific skin for uniformity.

    Since it may be difficult to explain to users how to select their own skin since the default is "no skin."

  • I like this color scheme much better than the white background. Thanks!

  • Yea. I dig this so far. Good job @sammyc521 !

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