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NFL Announces New Rule Changes for 2019

  • outlines the new rule allowing team to challenge Pass Interference and Non-Calls:

    PHOENIX—NFL owners voted to make pass interference reviewable in 2019, one of a handful of rule changes and amendments that was passed Tuesday during the league's annual meetings.

    The new rule, which is for one year only and will then be revisited next year, allows for coaches to challenge pass interference, called or uncalled and on both offensive and defensive players, except in the final two minutes of the first and second half, when the replay booth would initiate the review.

    Prior to Tuesday’s vote, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked about expanding review to cover more areas.

    “Is there an ultimate solution? It's always moving,” he said. “It's a dynamic situation we got to keep working with. The conversations we had yesterday were the best I've ever seen. The best I've been around. We stayed the longest, we worked at it the most. I'm talking about with the coaches. We got into the most depth and found our common ground. Somebody asked if those meetings were contentious—they weren't at all. Everybody was just working to try to get their thoughts together to make the best presentation to the owners and the competition committee so we can move ahead. We'll make some progress, I think, today. But I think we're going to also open up for progress in the future. It's not going to happen where we're going to change everything, that's not happening. But the movement and the direction we're going is very positive. I know the coaches are really encouraged about it moving forward and putting it in a good place.”

    NFL Communications released the five new rule changes:

    • 2018 Kicksoffs Rules are in-place from now on
    • Protection for "Defenseless player" has been expanded
    • Enforcement rules for a a "double foul" when there is a change of possession
    • Simplifies the application of scrimmage kick rules for a missed FG
    • Allows teams to enforce fouls committed during a touchdown to be applied on the try or free kick

    Of these rules, the Seahawks would have mostly benefitted from the ability to challenge non-calls and defensive pass interference... but so could every other team. What will likely occur now is the limitations on the times you can challenge now.

  • The Slag and Parley Forums

    Interested to see how the OPI DPI change works out. I think we will end up with more PI calls. Sigh.

  • The number of challenges still is in play so you can't challenge every bad call.

    Basically it's a reaction to the NFC Championship game... and see how pitiful the Rams played that the NFL probably wished it could have gotten Saints vs. Pats.

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