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Earl goes to the Ravens


    Not quite 14 million a year but close. So, officially all my jerseys from the Carroll era are no longer with the team.

    Going to miss Earl and have so much respect for what he did, including being part of the group of safeties that made some teams finally re-evaluate how they , um....evaluate the position. A lot fewer old CBs being moved to FS these days and thats partly due to Earl's success.

    Good luck to him , except with the usual caveats.

    A bit sad with how he handled his business the last couple years to be honest, but thats life. Still going to just keep only the good memories.

  • Yeah, I don't feel good about the way everything with Earl went down. I'm still a little peeved about the Earl flippin' the bird on his way off the field. The whole thing got a little twisted and because of it, I have to admit I soured on him as a person. I think he was the best FS the Hawks ever had and I don't believe we could have had a successful Super Bowl run without him and for that I will always respect him. I just wish his time with the Seahawks ended in a more happy Storybook style than the way it did.

    There is part of me that is glad the LOB is officially over. With Kam's injury they were never going to be together again. Sherm left then Earl kept breakin' his own legs. Its been time to move on from what they had for a while now. The LOB will never be forgotten though. I'm so glad they played on our team!

  • Side note: Eric Berry just got cut. We wouldn't lose any comp picks if we sign him. If the Seahawks do sign him?? I will forgive Earl wholeheartedly.

    I know. I know.

  • Berry has just as much trouble staying healthy as Earl. I’d like someone young and hungry and humble.

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