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Uh oh... Frank Clark may play hardball...

  • Ian Rapoport
    On #Seahawks pass-rusher Frank Clark: He won’t be signing his franchise tag or showing up to training camp unless the Seahawks give him the deal that he has earned, I’m told. If they don’t, they’ll only have him for another 16 games... when other top FAs are up, too.
    2:04 PM - Mar 10, 2019

    This could turn into "A Thing" for the Seahawks. Who's side are you on?

    Personally I don't think any player should play under the tag. They have to secure their own future. They shouldn't sacrifice the opportunity for themselves and their children, and even their children's children, to get ahead in life. Especially when the player has the talent that the NFL values so highly.

  • Off-season drama.

    This is why the Seahawks probably stay away from the Franchise Tag because it can be viewed as a fall-back but since everyone knows that they need to push the story to try and move the needle.

    Walter Jones did this multiple off-seasons in a row; players will gamble on themselves all the time. How many times does it really hurt them?

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