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Justin Houston?

  • He was released... people seem to think he's over the hill but he had 9 sacks in 12 games. That projects to a 12 sack season.

    We have cap space.. would you be interested in him?

    We don't have the draft capital to get a top EDGE guy in the draft.. I think I'd take a look at him.

  • Dude was set to make $15+M next year so it's not a surprise that he was let go by the Chiefs.

    I'm down for anyone who has sack-ability and can come for cheap. Don't know if I would want to go above $10M if I were John/Pete.

  • His sack total projected out would have been just about the same as Clark and he causes a lot of fumbles, a la Cliff Avril. Im wondering if he might be worth going after.

    We wont have the draft capital to address everything so one or two spots we have to go free agent on and sack artists are usually a position that travels well.. Im intrigued..

  • The only thing I've read about him is that he was sack-master until he got paid. Sounds like he could be a "prove it" guy though. JS loves those guys.

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