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Former Sonics Owner Howard Schultz Apologies (10+ years)

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    Schultz owned the now-defunct NBA franchise starting in 2001, until he sold them in 2006 to a group of businessmen from Oklahoma City, who ultimately moved the team to that city and changed their name to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Seattle has not yet gotten a new NBA team, and now Schultz is apologizing for his role in the team’s departure.
    In the book, Schultz calls the departure of the Sonics “one of the biggest regrets of my professional life,” and explains that “almost everyone blamed me, and after some initial denial, I realized they were right to do so. I had squandered the very public trust that I had bought into.” He also details the fights he had with local politicians when funding for a new arena.

    My response... Duh! How stupid are you that this would bite you in the ass... on the heels of your book release and teasing people that you'd actual run for President.

    Schultz is a moron and I hope he runs. This is the easiest thing for people to latch onto if you're going to attack them. "You admitted to turning back on the city where you built up your company by selling away their basketball team... how can people trust you won't do that to the country?"

    You don't even have to be a sports fan to make that a big issue because of all the implications. Love to see him get brought down.

  • I'm not sure that I should use the language that's running through my head and heart.
    Let's just say that I've not spent a dime in Starbucks and he WON'T get my vote.

  • What a dick. I hope he chokes.

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