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Griffin brothers SC Featured

  • Nothing new. Its just 4am and I watched this on TV and got all emotional. I broke when Quem got drafted and the look on Quill's face when he started to cry.

    I know Quill struggled a bit this season and Quem hasn't played much outside of special teams, but this story is amazing. It also made me proud of being a Seahawks fan that they would support the brothers like this. I don't know how their story will end but getting to the NFL was special.

    Go Hawks!

    Youtube Video

  • The story of Shaqueem being in the bathroom when the call came through was awesome.

    Shaquil saw the 206 phone number and tried to storm the bathroom.

    Looking forward to his progress into next year. Hoping he makes the transition like so many other LBs under Carroll and Norton Jr.

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