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Seattle Underdog: Jameson Flag Football

  • I've been playing flag football with these guys for 3+ years now. I was invited by a friend and in that practice, my friend ended up breaking his pinky. I was then invited to take his spot on the team and now 3+ years later I'm still playing with them.

    We play in the Seattle Underdog in the Softcore League.

    Youtube Video

    This is from one of our first practices this year. I call it the "Get Good - Hype Video."

  • Man, that looks like fun!

    Makes me want to actually get off my ass and play!

  • What are the rules , if you dont mind?

  • For the actual games, it's no contact flag football.

    • The league provides everyone with flags for the game; 3 flags (left, right and tail) and they cone off a field.
    • It's a mixed-gender leagues so each team must have at least 3 girls; if you can't field 3 girls then you have a smaller team.
    • First downs are marked by getting 2 cones (not yardage); there's the endzone and then 4 cones that mark potential first-down.
    • On offense, when you start a drive every third play must have a girl throw, or be the target. If you throw to a girl or they throw, it resets the every-third counter.
    • If your flag falls, you're down by contact.
    • No blocking; so no screen plays or down-field blocks (this really sucks on INT returns).
    • No fumbles or strips.
    • Defender can't rush the QB until a count of "5-dog, go" if the QB stays behind the LOS.
    • You can't yell when someone's about to catch a ball to distract them.

  • Youve invited me before, but next time Im over Id love to go to a practice and check it out. Looks cool.

  • Youtube Video

    So another practice and another chance to shoot some GoPro footage to mess around with.

    This is the Teaser video.

  • Ugh... the most demoralizing thing is when you go to bed in the middle of a project and then come back to it the next day finding out you deleted footage.

    Was ready to finalize it and add some music buy had to replice edited footage to get the intro the same intended.

    The goods news is that I'm learning as I go and I'm finding ways to better get myself setup.

    Rendering a final cut before bed.

  • And I messed up again. The video that rendered has bad audio and a clip got cut that I didn't intend.

    So I edited more stuff before work and left it to render as I was on my commute.

  • Finally!!!!

    Youtube Video – [01:18..]

    This link skips to the start of the new footage. It includes the footage from the teaser video above.

    To explain the GAUNTLET; it's a series of multiple routes with a QB throwing to you as you complete each stacked route.

    In this case, it's an In>Post>Comeback>Go. We also get to see all four QBs take snaps; Coop, Karissa, Petey and Zach.

    Link to the start of the full-video.

  • So the Spring Season of Underdog is finally starting (3/31) and we have our first game of the year. As per the normal Saturday we had practice and the GoPro came out with the lovely weather.

    Youtube Video

  • News about our first game... we won by forfeit because the other team didn't have enough players... they only have five people for an 8-person game.

    We had our entire team show up so they gave them two extra players and we continued to play a scrimmage for a game that wouldn't count due to their lack of players.

    We start the season 1-0 and will probably get placed in a tougher pool due to the number of years we've played and winning our first game.

    I got some video of our scrimmage in our new navy blue t-shirts and will try to get something up this week.

  • @sammyc521 The video looks cool. Is there any jamming at the line or whatever in flag football or is it completely no contact ..? Can you put your hand on someone if it doesnt impede them?

    I was able to find a team that would let me play .. but I need to lose some serious weight. Lost 45 last year and wanted to lose 25 more..but then rebounded 25 when last year got stressful so ..really would want to lose at least 25 before I even tried. I do alright in dodgeball but theres less running. Watching your videos gets me into it! lol

  • It's a non-contact league so any obviously jamming or physicality is a foul. You can slyly place a hand one someone as long as you don't fully extend but we did have one game (out of the many) where a ref said both teams were being to handsy.

    As someone who is super out-of-shape, this is fun for me and I can tell that I'm more capable as the season progresses but it's mostly about the practice sessions.

    As a defender, you are allowed to occupy a spot without having to cede ground to the receiver. If they run through you it would be a foul against the offense but they factor in size and gender on those plays. If a smaller guys runs into a larger person, they probably won't call any fouls.

    Practice every Saturday; you're always welcome to join.

  • Youtube Video

    Finally got the gameday footage up.

    It's not super pretty but there's some good highlights.

  • Really cool thing happened today at our practice, some other guys that were on the field earlier wanted to scrim and we played 8-on-8.

    Two the dudes on their side were the host of Seahawks Man 2 Man Podcast (Michael-Shawn Dugar and Christopher Kidd). Super cool dudes to play with.

    I'll have some video of our practice scrim but not a lot of video since I played a fair share.

  • Youtube Video

    Here's the footage of our game. The guys from the Podcast (really just two of them but I don't know what else to call their team) only had 8 but Jameson (our team) had 13 so we added two people to their side to even up the teams a little.

    This is the footage of the game.

    Was a fun game, pretty even until someone threw on the jets to seal the game at the end.

  • So I finally made it to another game after a trip messed with my plans.

    Unfortunately we didn't win this game as it was an evenly matched team that just took better advantages.

    I did get a chance to make a great highlight of one play with thanks to Tom Hammond.

    Youtube Video

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