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Richardson ahead of Kearse

  • Reports from camp have Richardson running as the #2 ahead of Kearse which is interesting. I'm a big fan of it and believe Paul earned it with his play down the stretch. It's a long shot but I wonder if Kearse could be cut if Dorboh and others impress early on. Regadless I love the idea of Richardson moving ahead.

  • When I was at camp on Sunday, it looked like then they went to any 2-WR sets, it was Baldwin and Richardson.

    I don't see Kearse getting cut this year still. He is the consummate Pete-Carroll Pro who will get every chance to stay on the roster. Outside of a down year, he does everything the team asks of him.

    Both he and Richardson were practicing KR/PR coverage drills on Sunday too.

    From a personal perspective, it adds a more dynamic WR opposite Doug by putting in someone with more speed like Richardson; I think it's a solid move. Kearse probably isn't setup to succeed as your #2.

  • I am a big fan of this as well. Not like an absolute..I can see situations where I might want Kearse out there instead..but in general, I think Richardson has more upside. With all the competition Kearse has to be on the table as an unexpected cut.. I doubt it, but Kasem Williams is seemingly bringing it this year.. obviously Lockett makes its.. all of a sudden a great camp / preseason by a couple of people puts Kearse on the bubble. Doubt it..but..

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