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Wild Card Round: Seahawks @ Cowboys

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    Happy gameday!

  • Here's the problem I'm having with this game: I can see 3 outcomes. 1) Hawks win big 2) Hawks win in 4th quarter 3) Cowboys win in 4th quarter.

    I just don't think the Hawks will get blown out.

    So.... now you know what to watch out for....

    But my strongest feeling is Hawks win by 4.

    Go Hawks!!

  • Go 'Hawks!!!

  • @Lymon said in Wild Card Round: Seahawks @ Cowboys:

    Go 'Hawks!!!

    SWEET! You remembered this time! Now the cowboys are in deep cowshit!!


  • Couldnt sleep.. feel like I want to throw up.. still have to wait 3 1/2 hours.........

    Go 'Hawks... smash'em.

  • @Veda-the-Moor said in Wild Card Round: Seahawks @ Cowboys:

    Couldnt sleep.. feel like I want to throw up.. still have to wait 3 1/2 hours.........

    Go 'Hawks... smash'em.

    Breathe in through the nose, and out through the mouth......

    I'm surprisingly chill before this game. I think I really see everything they do now as gravy. I never expected to go to the playoffs this season. At the same time, I've seen some real cool things from this team to make me think they can take anyone in the NFC. I feel like I almost moved on to next season mentally already. A win tonight would change that for me though. Proving we can not only have a winning season and make the playoffs but WIN in the playoffs?? Damn son, we're Bowl bound!

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  • Fox Pregame talkin' 'bout how there is no way to defend the Cowboys because of Cooper. Even talking Cowboy Dynasty. Of course Jimmy Johnson is sittin' there all "HOW 'BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!"....

    Ok, ok.... Starting to get my gameface on.... keep chirpin' punks....

  • Through 3 offensive drives it appears that the Seahawk offense has yet to get off the plane.

  • Low scoring game has to benefit the Seahawks... or so I hope. Back-to-back PA for their first 2 first-down and now were in the red zone.

  • Its looking like Dallas is selling out to stop the run. A win may rest with the passing game.

  • D giving up that TD was brutal. Shaquill getting worked over and not rising up to playoff caliber.

  • Hawks starting at the 'boys 44. Janikowski is out for the game. TD's or bust.

    Michael Dickson drop kicks freak me out.

  • Dallas driving. Less than 4 minutes. Cowboys in redzone up by 3. I can't watch. For reals. I turned it off. I'm too emotional. I suck.

  • All season we hear Dickson would try a drop kick.. and in warm ups he does them.. but Carroll just couldnt make himself try one.

    The world is outraged at so many running plays. I was ok with that, but I thought more variety of running plays would have benefited things.
    But really..go after coordinators and play calls is kind of going after low hanging fruit, isnt it? Those plays worked all season and to a degree against the Dallas Cowboys. Gotta win your matchup. Gotta move your guy. I suspect Sweezy shouldnt have played. Admirable for fighting through everything and coming back from what is usually a month long injury..but if he couldnt move his guy because of it.. well.. I would have like to have seen more read option early.

    But the defense wasnt all that awesome and doesnt get a complete pass. We had a lead. Then the defense committed 2 PIs (one of of which is debatable) then gives up a 3rd and 14 QB draw when Wagner misses just his second tackle of the season...

    For me there wasnt one thing... just didnt have their A game.

  • k... I turned it back on... just in time to score a TD and 2 point conversion then....


    2018 Hawks didn't have it to go to the SB. Ok. I'm cool with that. But I live in Austin Texas with all these damn Cowboy fans.... man.... I really did not want the Hawks to lose that game. Now I'll get those looks when I wear my Hawks gear when I'm out and about. Yep, its all about me. Bummer for the organization but, I mean, WOE is me. sniff

    The play calling was crap after a it was obvious the run wasn't working. If this is how they choose to win or lose games then there really is no point in having a QB the caliber of Wilson. Russ is there to win games but he can't do it when his number isn't called.

    "Hey! All-World Quarterback Russell Wilson! Yeah, you! Could you hand the ball off to these RB's for 4 quarters? What's that? Nah, no passes today. We're fine going down slamming our heads into a wall for the entire game. Thanks though. If we need ya we'll call ya. Now get in there and WIN the game and earn your paycheck... with those handoffs!!"

    I do understand wanting to stick with the running game and not abandon it but, in my opinion, instead of abandoning it too early like they've admitted to doing previously, they stuck to it too long. I believe going after the play calling is fair game when you have one of the best QB's in the league and you're not letting him play. I absolutely do not believe that the run/pass game complimented each other. Last night was like they were calling run plays to open it up for, well, another run play.

    And yeah, Whats up Pete?? Having Dickson practice kicking field goals all kicker style and not out there practicing his drop kick field goals that he's been seen nailing from 45+ yards out??

    Getting timid in your old age, Grandpa.

  • The loss I can handle... poor game play and poor execution doomed us. The Defense could only hold on for so long before giving up to late TDs that sealed the win.

    Glad they made it close but the NFL has basically done the anti-NBA of encouraging late comebacks by altering the kick-off rules.

    The worst thing will be all the Cowboy fans will be crowing how this is their ticket to the Superbowl. They're still a flawed team and while Dak is a good QB, I don't think of him of anywhere near the top 2 tiers. He's a more mobile, weaker armed Matt Stafford in my eye.

  • I don't think they actually ran it as much as people think on first downs. It's just that the first 3 possessions they had no first downs so it's skewed the perception. Go watch first downs.. it was 50/50.

    The onside kick was not great but there aren't a lot of options. Probably need another tweet to the rules . Not gonna harsh on Dickson.

    Defense has to take responsibility. The fade TD reception.. a CB with ball awareness picks that off. After Earl went out we had very few interceptions this season. Gave up a season high in rushing yards. 1 sack against Dak.. with the Cowboys using a back up guard.

    Regarding the drop kicks I wonder if there is an angle thing Pete is worried about.

  • After taking time off and assessing the game, I am less angry with the play calling and blame the execution more.

    Perfect example, Penny comes in an rips off 28-yards off tackle and then they go for a toss to the left... only for LT Duane Brown to clip his TE Dickson who is suppose to clip the charging DE. Essentially we killed our own toss because we took out the main blocker who is responsible for screwing up our run.

    Blame game:
    50% Execution
    20% Play calling (the 3rd-and-long players were pretty terrible, TE pass outside with no lead blockers?)
    20% defense (held the Cowboys to two 3rd-down stops but gave up penalties; and were one 3rd and 13 stop from keeping it a 1-score game at 3-minutes)
    10% special teams (our special teams are the wrong kind of "special")

    The football season is dead to me until the Superbowl; Chargers vs. Saints.

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