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Training Camp Day 2

  • Well, sadly we have no one going on a daily basis as I usually do and are forced to get our info from other sources. posted 5 take aways..

    To me the most interesting 2 are that Alex Collins has slimmed down and that is helping him have more impact. That seems to be part of a trend as a number of players have had body make overs it seems to get them more appropriate bodies for what they need: Fant has gained 27 pounds out at left tackle, Russell Wilson lost 15 pounds to get back to his speedy self we saw back in 2012 - abandoning the idea that "thicker" would help him endure hits, Lawler gained 15 to 20 pounds to try to look like an NFL receiver not a high school JV player with NFL hands. Interested to see what dividends all this pays.

    The other interesting take away for me was that Kasem Williams is making a case for himself. Last year I thought he had a shot to make the regular season roster til he got hurt. I sort of feel like his window is closed.. if he was special we would know it by now and meanwhile every year there is a crop of borderline players.. but if he has upped his game and stays healthy he has potential.

    Will add more about what we learned from Day 2 as, well, I learn. Brock and Salk should have something to say!

  • So.. from sources here and there...

    It seems neither back up QB is doing very well and there is talk someone will be brought in.

    Otha Peters had a pick -6 off of Boykin. Peters is an undrafted LB trying to make the team.

    Shaquill Griffin seems to be behind Lane, Elliot and Thorpe at this point.. will he climb that chart..?

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    Kendrick Lamar is buddies with Bobby Wagner and made an appearance. Lamar is not the first celebrity who visits the VMAC during Training Camp.

    Not sure many other teams would allow this kind of thing to happen for fear of being labeled a "distraction."

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