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Game #12 49ers (2-9) vs. Seahawks (6-5)

  • Youtube Video

    Broadcast: FOX/NFL Network 1:25 PM (PST)
    Radio: 710 AM ESPN & 97.3 KIRO FM
    Location: Century Link Stadium


    • Seahawks open as a 10.5 favorite
    • Thursday Injury Report
      Did Not Practice - SS Shalom Luani & FB Tre Madden
      Limited Practice - WR Doug Baldwin, & FS Bradley McDougald
      Full Practice - LT Duane Brown, RB Chris Carson, RG DJ Fluker, & DE Dion Jordan
    • CB Richard Sherman returns to Seattle for the first time; Sherman played for Seattle from 2011-2017 and started 99 games for the Seahawks, 32 INTs, 4-time ProBowler & 3-time All-Pro
    • 5th Home of the Year for the Seahawks (currently they are 2-2 at home)

  • Projecting Week 13

    Seahawks win this game and go 7-5. Cowboys won so they are secured in the NFC East lead right now.

    • Washington loses to the Eagles and end up at 6-6 (if Washington wins, the Seahawks would need the Viking to lose to get the #6 WC spot)
    • Carolina beats TB to go up to 7-5
    • Patriots beat the Viking at home so the Vikes go to 6-5-1 (If they win in NE, it would give the Seahawks the #6 WC seed instead of the #5 WC)

    For the rest of the year, you're essentially only looking at the NFC East to make sure that only one ends up as a WC threat because Seattle only holds the tie-breaker over the Cowboys. If the Cowboys win the division then it removes the tie-breaker opportunity for the Seahawks and goes to conference record if their records are the same.

    Because of the tie between GB and Minn, it really means that the Seahawks have to end the year a full game win ahead of them as there is no tie-breaker option. Their 10-5-1 would beat out the Seahawks 10-6 if that's how their record ends.

  • Happy game day.

    I hope we trounce them. 30+ point for the offense.

  • Go 'Hawks!!!

  • Bobby Wagner is a football god.

  • You really cant do much more than Bobby did today.. wow.

    That was a pretty satisfying win except for allowing 400+ yards passing. Our CBs are young and I still hope they develop, but we will probably be looking for a CB1 next off season, wouldnt you think? Then if Griffin and Flowers do develop wed be sitting even prettier.

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