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NFL taking notice of Seahawks

  • 0_1543394669670_4924d5d3-067b-4bfc-8e0e-ad8471d1b880-AP18320094196403.jpg - Seattle Seahawks proving transition year was never the plan - NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Seahawks hit top 10; Steelers fall

    All through the NFL media world I'm hearing about the Seahawks. But instead of in the context of failing this season all the way to a high pick in the 2019 Draft (or the #1 pick according to the usually insightful Benjamin Allbright, @AllbrightNFL on Twitter), its in the context of being "dangerous" and "surging" toward the playoffs.

    Sitting here with the Seahawks at 6-5, with 4 of the last 5 games at home, I reflect back on Seahawks teams of the past. The ones filled with All-Pros and Pro Bowlers. Specifically on how the Seahawks seemed to start seasons slowly. If this season's team defends home field, they will be a double digit winning team at 10-6. I don't believe many reasonable fans were expecting such a record for this season. So here they are, making another mid to late season push that they always have and consequently have got the rest of the league having flashbacks of the fear they had when seeing the Seahawks on their late season schedule.

    I ask you though, what is it about these Seahawks that are different from those teams? Shirley Surely, losing all those All Stars cost them games, but how many? Who has the Seahawks missed the most this season? Also, who has been the player or players leading this team on their march to the playoffs?

  • I saw the Seahawks at #10, #11 and #12 on power rankings all of a sudden. And its really cool just because it feels like a lot of the media is really happy to eating crow a bit about Seattle, because its a good story. The idea that the rebound year doesnt have to be that bad.. its interesting because there is some Coach of the Year buzz for Carroll, probably more than our Super Bowl season. This season is really showing the NFL how great Carroll is , because in years past there were other narratives -- lucky drafts, the GM is doing it, its all about Lynch, or lucking into getting two dominant DEs at bargain prices do to flukes.

    Its really a great year to be a Seahawk fan, isnt it?

    I dont know that all the super stars except maybe Avril and Thomas would have made a difference in wins though..

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