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How do you feel about facing Richard Sherman?

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    Dave Wyman’s Football 101: Why Seahawks can take advantage of 49ers CB Richard Sherman

    "On Sunday, Sherman returns to Seattle for the first time as an opponent, playing for the same San Francisco 49ers franchise that he made “The Tip” against, no less. But as former NFL linebacker and current Seahawks radio color commentator Dave Wyman points out in this week’s Football 101 video, this isn’t the same Richard Sherman."

    Thought this was an interesting take on the Seahawks battling Richard Sherman and the 49ers this week. Wyman always brings the good stuff.

    Personally, I believe that while Sherman knows Russell Wilson, the flip side is Wilson also knows Sherman. I don't believe the Seattle QB spent practice after practice avoiding throwing to Sherman's side. Further, there isn't a QB in the league that has thrown at Sherman more than Wilson. Additionally, no WR has gone against Sherman more than Doug Baldwin. If Baldwin is healthy, Sherman will get beat. Repeatedly.

  • There's a reason why NFL teams didn't throw towards Richard Sherman's side. Is he prime-Sherman? No, but he's played well this year.

    What Seattle will need to do is make Sherman play an extended field; he's great on go-routes and fades but the only WR we throw those to are David Moore. It will be interesting to see if they try to go underneath on Sherman as I feel he doesn't have the speed/acceleration.

    I'm excited to see them play because they'll play twice in 3 weeks.

  • I loved #25 when he played for the 'Hawks.....but he no longer is a 'Hawk, so screw him!!

  • I don't understand the extra "haterade" being passed around for Sherman. He's not on the Seahawks so why does it feel like everyone is feeling especially spicy for a guy that plays on a 2-9 team?

    He got cut because of his salary + his attitude and ended up signing a sub-par deal to play for a shitty team... isn't that punishment?

    It's sad for the 49ers that it's more interesting to talk about Sherman than the actual match up of the Seahawks vs the 49ers. I'm looking forward to the game.

  • I think its simply kind of base level fandom to hate a guy in the modern NFL for simply going somewhere else..especially when our team cut him. He didnt even leave for more money.

    But if you dislike Sherman for the things he has said on his way out, or after joining them.. if you dislike his like of self awareness -- I think its completely understandable.

    I would actually turn it on its head and say... why dont you feel something negative towards someone disparaging your coach? It doesnt make you angry to hear someone attack the greatest coach the Seahawks have ever had?

    And doesnt it give you some at least vague feelings of distrust and injustice when you see someone in a position of authority use that authority to give a younger person a bring them along.. to put them in a position ..the BEST position to succeed.. and then see that younger person spit in their face.. it fairly well outrages me.

    Now, Sherm will be Sherm and some will say "why would you expect to be any different now?" But I see a difference. In his early years with the club, he was having to establish him and he was going after people who doubted him and who maybe legit had wronged him. I even, it seems more than most, completely understood his rant about Crabtree and the 49ers just after The Tip. Season on the line, and you call a play targetting Sherman? THATS what you think is your best chance? Id be mad too. But by the end of his stay in Seattle.. Angry Sherm had lost a lot of cred in his rants. Id watch a game.. watch something happen with my own eyes ..and hear Sherm give a completely false account in post game interviews and watch him be so condescending to anyone who doubted his account.

    And then.. as I mentioned..go after PC? Really dude? Without Cover 3, your career was already over after a few good years and a couple of middling years. PC put you in the best scheme for your talents. Because of Pete, the 49ers run that so you can still do what you do. What happens if you were put in Oaklands D? And you had to cover your WR on ANY route he ran on your repaired Achilles? We all know why you had 3 choices of teams.. you can only go to Cover 3 teams. And the only reason there are cover 3 teams is Pete. Before Pete came back to the NFL everyone thought you cant run Cover 3 in the NFL it was a high school and college scheme. So Pete brought it back, drafted you because youre perfect for it.. created a trend so you could continue to do it.. He protected your outspokenness, and put up with your out of bounds behavior because of how he feels about you and because of his philosophies as a coach...and you throw THAT man under the bus? You still want to disparage Wilson and blame him for not having a second ring? Without Wilson you wouldnt have sniffed the first. Its a team man. Look at your team now. And you still havent gained perspective?

    Yea. There is plenty to dislike about Sherm right now, legit stuff that goes beyond "he plays for the 49ers".

    But all that said.. come one Seattle, why dont we have a statue of The Tip yet??

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