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#319 San Francisco 49ers 11-28-18

  • @sammyc521, @Zeb-Stark, & @Veda-the-Moor return to Century Link as the Seahawks face the 49ers. The Seahawks have won the last 9 games against the 49ers home or away. The Podcast returns to live Wednesday.

    Join them live by going to their channel;

    Get your questions in; we've love to get you guys involved. Any topic added to the main forum may be selected for the third topic: the Hawks Cast Corner.

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    The Seahawk traveled east for the last time and pulled out a win... or did they the Panthers hand themselves a loss? We return to Seattle where the Seahawks face a familiar player wearing red and gold and that helped them in their first Superbowl-Run. The Seahawks FanTable Podcast, brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum, is hear to bring it down the home-stretch as Seattle closes out 4 of their last 5 games at home with two of them on Primetime.

    Topic #1 Can the Seahawks defense survive with a bend-don't-break style?
    Topic #2 Are all the fans onboard the Seahawks playoff hunt or are they like the media and still biding their time?
    Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner Post-Analysis: Victory does not go to the Seahawks but their opponents mistakes? (…onents-mistakes)
    Topic #4 San Francisco 49ers How do you feel about facing Richard Sherman? (…richard-sherman)

    Final Score: 49ers vs Seahawks
    Yes/No: Nick Mullens finishes this game
    Yes/No: Seahawks return to run dominance
    More Targets: Baldwin or Sherman
    More INTs: Seattle or Sherman
    Over/Under Rushing Yards: 140.5
    Over/Under Passing Attempts: 25.5
    Over/Under Videos of The NFC Championship Tip: 1.5

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