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Post-Analysis: Victory does not go to the Seahawks but their opponents mistakes

  • As I savor this delicious taste of victory that puts Seattle at 6-5 and strongly fighting for a Wild Card spot, I enjoy taking a dip into the land of the opposing teams and see what they have to say.

    Obviously they are not fans of the Seahawks so their knowledge of our players will be minimal even for big-time NFL teams because it's not possible to know everything. Even if they did know everything, they'll know more about their own teams mistakes and not what Seattle did to win.

    There's always a reason why a team loses; against the Rams it was the inability to stop their defense, against the Bears it was total lack of offense, against the Chargers it was the inability to establish the run and against the Broncos it was poor tackling and defensive schemes... but all of those were factors based on the opposing teams taking advantage.

    Seattle played poorly in those loses because their opponents really stuck it to the Seahawks.

    Yet against the recent games against the Packers and Panthers it was all the mistakes they made that gave Seattle the win... Sure, the Seahawks capitalized on mistakes but they still had to capitalize.

    The Panthers put the football on the ground six times and recovered all six... how insane is that?

    To some degree I get that losses suck and fans want to say that their team played poorly (not because of what your opponent did) which is the reason for the loss... but I guess it really is hard to believe that this shorty-QB and his pedestrian WRs, and no-named defense continue to string together some wins.

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