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Mawae, Hutchinson Semifinalists for NFL HOF 2019

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    Tom Flores and Edgerrin James, a Seahawk for a blink of an eye, are also nominated.

    Ok, let's say pigs start flying and Steve Hutchinson makes the HOF. Does that mean he gets into the Seahawks Ring of Honor? We gonna retire Hutch's number and so on? Is it even possible to leave out a HOF'er from the ROH? I mean, how would that look?

    I'm still sour as all hell over the "poison pill" fiasco that led to him leaving the Seahawks. Yeah I know Tim Ruskell failed on his part but, this is personal between Hutch and I. He burned my team, dammit! Because of that whole fiasco he isn't worthy of the Seahawk ROH no matter what awards the league wants to give him.

  • The most shocking thing to me is that Steve Hutchinson raised the 12th Man flag not to long ago and wasn't boo'd...

    Not sure how I feel about that. If he gets in (and he probably will) but he ended up playing 68 games for the Hawks vs. 89 games for the Vikings; 5 vs. 6 years (and a single year in Tenn).

    I find his logic on taking the deal very suspect but also complete crap. He felt disrespected (and maybe was tired of living in Walter Jones' shadow) and took the money.

  • The Ring of Honor isnt just about level of play.. and the key word is "honor". Seattle is under no obligation to honor Hutch. Im not bitter anymore, but this isnt just a case of a player leaving to get more money. He purposely agreed to not let the Seahawks even have a legit chance of matching the F him. No ring of honor. Ever. I assume he wants to go into the Hall as a Viking. But he wont make it. Hes in the Hall of Great but not All Time Greats.

    Tom Flores..was a Seahawk like Franco Harris was a Seahawk. I have a soft spot for him because #LatinNFLPioneer and same university..but no real connection to the Seahawks. (trivia: 2 Seahawk coaches went to the same university..which was it? Hint: Where I did my undergrad)

    Even Kevin Mawae.. we think of as a Jet dont we?

    There wont be any real Seahawks in until 2024 and beyond, assuming Kam officially retires next year. Have to see how his contract is structured.

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