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Playoff Standings after Sunday Week 11

  • NFC Playoff Standings

    • 1st NFC South NO Saints 9-1
    • 2nd NFC West LA Rams 9-1
    • 3rd NFC North Chicago Bears 7-3
    • 4th NFC East Washington 6-4
    • 5th Wild Card Carolina Panthers 6-4
    • 6th Wild Card Minnesota Vikings 5-4-1
    • 7th Seattle Seahawks 5-5
    • 8th Dallas Cowboys 5-5
    • 9th GB Packers 4-5-1

    With the Seahawks playing in Carolina next week, this would greatly increase Seattle's playoff potential if they can win in Carolina. With all tie-breaking factors with witht he Falcons, Lions and Eagles (all still alive) it would be vitally important for Seattle to win 5 more of their NFC Conference games to ensure should they hold the tie breakers over teams that may be competiting for the 1st and 2nd Wild Card spot.

  • All the cards fell right today for Seattle.. I believe now they essentially control their own destiny.

    Take care of the 49ers and Cards as they should.. beat Carolina.. looking good. Even on the AFC things broke our way.. Chargers lost so the Chiefs may not be playing for anything when we play them.

  • Really hard for the Seahawks to make the playoffs at 10-6 if they go 4-1 in their last five NFC games due to the potential of multiple teams ending the season at 10-6.

    Winning against Carolina and Minnesota is super vital.

  • The Cowboys winning kind of hurts because it opens up for another NFC East team to come into the wild card fray.

    Holding the tiebreaker over the Cowboys only helps if they run up to the Wild Card, not if they win their division.

    ATL losing helps along with Chicago winning.

    We need Chicago to win the North so we dont run into any head-to-head bouts for a wild card spot.

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