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Who would you like to see buy the Seahawks

  • This article on Geekwire got me thinking about who I would like to see buy the Seahawks.

    I personally wouldn't mind someone like Steve Ballmer buying the team. He's interested in sports and already owns some land in Sodo. Maybe he could partner with Chris Hansen (again) and create the entertainment district they wanted to do around the basketball arena around a Seahawks stadium owned by Ballmer.


  • I would like to buy the Seahawks.

    I got $20 in my pocket right now. Final offer.

    Honestly, I don't know if there will ever be an owner as good as Paul Allen.

    Steve Balmer is the closest I could think of that would hit the local ties, super money, and someone who has an owner track record.

    If Jeff Bezos hints at buying the team I may die.

  • I think for the most part the days of single ownership is over. The price of franchises has simply gone up to high so there are only a handful of potential owners of a team.. The Seahawks will probably sell for 3 or 3.5 billion.. assuming an owner doesnt want to put his entire assets into a need to find someone who is worth.. at least 5 but probably closer to 8 billion dollars...

    Obviously you want someone with Northwest ties.. so that leaves:

    Bezos... oh please.

    Gates.. in a non derogatory way, Gates is the sterotyped nerd.. he has no interest in sports and probably looks down on them even.

    Ballner.. I dont know anything about the guy...

    Shultz..Simonyi.. Craig McCaw..? I googled Washinton state billionaires and nothing really jumped out at me. If this happened 10 or 15 years later I wouldnt have been surprised is Wilson put together a group and bought.. cant think of any former players we have right now who made 100s of millions and would be interested. The closest would be Hasselbeck, but I dont think he made that kind of money, he doesnt seem the type to lead a group, and actually his real roots are in the Boston era. (weird tangent..I have Hasselback's and Lofa Tatupu's FATHERS football cards from when they played together with the Patriots...isnt that weird?)..

    Zeb, Sammy and I have talked it over..and if people wanted to front US the money, we would be willing to do it. know.. GOFUND me or something!

    In all seriousness, I dont think we will get a super awesome owner thats also a character.. I think the best we can hope for is a good group with the right vision.

  • I think it would be nice to only have one owner, but I don't see that happening. With all of the money that Ballmer and Chris Hansen put into Sodo, if they have any interest in football I could see them putting some sort of group together to buy the team. They own most of the land around the stadiums and could make one hell of a cool entertainment district with the land they own.

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