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Live action Cassian Andor series announced


    Love this idea! I know it probably doesn't seem all that interesting to the average viewer but if it feels anything like Rogue One in production style it could make for a great, dark & gritty series.

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    Loved his character in Rogue One. Would love to see his adventures with K2SO.

    Spy series would be really fun and it could vary per episode because Cassian did all kinds of missions for the Rebel Cell.

  • Yes yes yes! Very cool. I've always said you can put any movie concept and just put it in the Star Wars Universe and I'm so there! (dead horse emoticon) "A rousing spy thriller" in the SWU will be must watch tv!

  • Love it. Can't wait to see what it has to offer.

    K2 was one of the best droids to ever make an appearance in a SW movie.

  • I wonder what kind of role K2 will have in this. That's a pretty fx heavy character for a streaming web series. I'll be super impressed if Disney goes all in on bringing K2 back to life at a cinematic level. The recent news that ILM will be doing fx work on the Mandalorian series is pretty encouraging.

    And then you have to wonder how much else from RO we'll see.... General Draven? Merrick? Mon Mothma? Galen Erso? Saw Gerrera? The list obviously goes on and on. Enfys Nest? Vader?? I imagine they'll stay mostly self-contained with not a lot of cameos from movie stuff.

    I'm stoked though, I've been a little down in the dumps lately at the lack of Star Wars stuff seeing as we're not getting a movie this Christmas for the first time in 3 years. So this is pretty cool news to get right now.

    So what are you more excited about, this one or The Mandalorian?

  • Web series? I think its just like Netflix but for Disney. Web series makes me think of Funny or Die skits. They'll dump big money into it especially if it is going to be one of the anchor series' or main carrot for Disney+.

    Look all I know is rather than all these tv shows on this planet, I'd rather watch an evening of Mos Eisley Med, Mos Eisley Fire, and Mos Eisley PD.

    I'm down for both of these series' but a spy thriller series has my attention!

  • I think at the moment I'm more into the Mandalorian idea. I see a lot of potential pitfalls with this Cassian one butbuts closer to what I always wanted, time frame, from a live action Star Wars series.

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