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DE/LB Bruce Irvin cut by the Raiders

  • Oakland and Jon Gruden continue their dumpster fire in 2018.

    Bruce Irvin Cut

    Breaking: #Raiders have cut defensive end Bruce Irvin, league sources said. Story to come

    Gruden has to be the worst personal manager this year. I can't believe that Davis signed this guy to run his team. Way to ruin all the progress they had developed over the past few years.

  • So how does everyone feel about this? I would like him back. He's due about 4 million if claimed on waivers so he should go through unclaimed. I read the paperwork will be done on monday so either Tues or Wednesday he should have a new team.

    He left because we didn't take the 5th yr option on his contract right? You think PC/JS would say "been down that road" and not even give him a sniff? I think Norton may be putting in a word or two. I would like to see him back here. I think he still has speed, pass-rush ability and good tackling technique. I think he'll make the team better.

    What would be the MAX deal you would offer to get him here? Prove it deal? Vet minimum? If he's a good locker room guy.... I'll say that again.... IF he is a good locker room guy, I wouldn't mind going in for a bit of coin for him to finish out the season. We only have just shy of 4 mil at the moment (I think) so barring any player contract restructuring there's not a whole lot we can do inside of this season.

    I hope it works out and he becomes a Seahawk again.

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    Don't think you claim him on waivers; see if he clears and then sign him cheap.

    He would be a luxury signing at this point but nothing the Seahawks need right now.

    Would love to bring him back but conditionally.

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    I want to keep playing the young guys but at the same time there would seem to be a role for a situational pass rusher and well rounded LB/DE type.

    He is getting paid by Oakland no matter what so it wouldnt take much and I think we are an attractive place for him. This would seem to be a really likely landing spot. Here or Atlanta or with the Patriots. Presumably he wants to play for a winner if not a true contender.

  • Bring him back hoooooome.

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    Per Adam Schefter:

    Former Raiders’ DE Bruce Irvin, and the $3.8 million he had left on his Oakland contract, went unclaimed on waivers today, per source. Now a free agent.

  • Tacoma News Tribune has Seattle as the favorite.

    Maybe his love for Ken Norton Jr gives us the edge over ATL and Dan Quinn.

  • Bruce signed a 1 year deal with the Falcons.

    Bummer but oh well. I wish him the bestl.

  • ATL is his home town and he gets to pick the best place for him; it was between Seattle and Atlanta.

    Good for Bruce and good luck with the Falcons.

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