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Game #8 Chargers (5-2) vs Seahawks (4-3)

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    Broadcast: CBS 1:05 PM
    Radio: 710 AM ESPN & 97.3 KIRO FM
    Location: CenturyLink Field


    • Chargers LB Joey Bosa likely won't play this Sunday but they won't announce it until Friday) San Diego Tribune
    • The Russell Wilson lead-Seahawks have never beaten the Chargers in the regular season
    • A win this Sunday would reduce the number of teams that WIlson/Seahawks have not beaten in the regular season since 2012 down to two teams (Kansas City & Cincinnati)
    • Wednesday Injury Report:
      Did Not Practice
      OG DJ Fluker (Foot)
      DE Dion Jordan (Knee)
      FS Bradley McDougald (Knee)
      OG Jordan Simmon (Calf)
      CB Neiko Thorpe (Groin)
      LB KJ Wright (Knee)
      Limited Practice
      WR Doug Baldwin (Knee)
      DT Jarran Reed (Hip)
      DT Shamar Stephen (Foot)
    • The game is currently a Pick 'Em as far as the favorite in this game (11/1 date)

  • If both Bosa and RB Malcom Gordon are out, this game is in the bag.

    Surprised the line hasn't moved but Rivers is still a good QB, I suppose.

  • Happy game day everyone.

    I will be attending the game with @Veda-the-Moor.

    Reports that Carson may be a game-time decision but Pete seemed optimistic he was going to play.

    Bosa was ruled out so that bodes well for our OL. Just have to worry about DE Melvin Ingram.


    Enjoy the game guys! I'm thinking it's gonna be a rowdy crowd and a victory for the home team!!

    Go Hawks!!!!

  • Ya beat me to it!! LOL! Go 'Hawks!!!

  • So its 12 - 7 and our defense aren't defending anything. They are more like a fun little obstacle course for Rivers and Gordon.

    C'mon Hawks!!!!

  • Hmmm.... Some peculiar reffin' going on in this game....

  • Refs making it hard to enjoy this game...

    Defense not helping themselves but we're letting these penalties rattle us.

    Shouldn't be happening at home.

  • Where the frick is the pass rush?! Go 'Hawks, we can do this!!

  • Man! Russell looks like dogpoop today. Grrrrrr! Maybe the D can score for us?

  • This getting depressing.

  • Defense is a joke and Rivers already knows the punchline.

    Gotta do better D!

  • Yay!! We stopped'm.

    I'm usually a very positive guy, but sometimes.......

  • Russ is bad today. No magic, no fire, no spark.

    He should at least have his bad game when the defense is playing better. Jeez...

  • The Seahawks flat gave up on 2nd and 24. I thought we "always compete"?? Except on 2nd and 24 I guess. Then you give up. Got it.

  • Pick 6.


    This is Russ's loss. His head isn't in the game. It happens to everyone but at the stage this team is at, they just can't afford it.

  • This is such a fun finish!!

  • Sweezy!!

  • Oh, least it was an exciting finish. Too bad we lost. Next week's another game.

  • @Birdfinger said in Game #8 Chargers (5-2) vs Seahawks (4-3):

    Pick 6.


    This is Russ's loss. His head isn't in the game. It happens to everyone but at the stage this team is at, they just can't afford it.

    ....and David Moore. Him too.

  • I want to rewatch the game tonight..sometimes live in the stadium its hard to pick stuff up.. especially this game..

    Ive never been at a game where I had to stand up so often to let people by! It was relentless. The seats were fine.. about the same as my normal tickets. But in that section..332.. holy crap..constant stream of people to the bathrooms and to buy beer. Watch the game.. I shouldnt have to stand 4 times for the same person...

    Enjoyed watching the game with @sammyc521 .. Zeb nearly made it up as well but couldnt quite swing it on such short notice.

    Not all that down after the loss.. San Diego is better than us this year. Its ok. Rivers is a really good quarterback. Gus Bradley I didnt like as a DC, but he knows Russ.

    Refs really have to stop making games about themselves. 22 penalties.. 110 plays roughly.. 20% of the time there is a flag.. it hurts the product. They want more offense because people like that.. but people DONT like constant penalties.

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