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Seahawks Training Camp

  • The 2017 training camp season starts July 30th and the Seahawks are hosting fans at the VMAC.

    If you've never been, it's a fun way to kick off the season as it's the first time fans can see the team up close. With the new league rules, teams will not have to pare down the roster until the end of the pre-season. This means longer time for teams to try players out for roster spots instead of making quick decisions half way through.

  • Two weeks out till Training Camp opens.

  • @sammyc521 said in Seahawks Training Camp:

    Two weeks out till Training Camp opens.

    Unfortunately all tix are taken. And I still had no plans on going. I have too much work to do here at home. Or that is my story and I am sticking to it.

  • Training camp is 5 days away.

    Forecast calls for mid-70's during the 10AM-12PM timeframe.

  • Wish I could make it up. I need to find a doppelganger to fill in for me here and there.

  • @zeb-stark said in Seahawks Training Camp:

    Wish I could make it up. I need to find a doppelganger to fill in for me here and there.

    I got a ticket if you need it. It's going fast through.

  • So a couple people showed up?;)

  • Collins is looking really slim in camp.

    Getting good burst through no contact with 11on11 drills.

  • Rawls also looking slim and agile. Lacy still looks huge compared to Rawls and Collins.

  • The coverage on the Seahawks app so far is better than I expected.. except for the commercials. Saw Davis connect with Darboh a moment ago and, yea, Collins looks much slimmer.

  • link text

    alt text

    Lane getting reps with the first team defense in their 4-3 base.

  • No CJ Prosise yet.

    He got hurt in the first training camp last year. Maybe they are trying to buck the trend.

  • Training Camp Day #1 Recap


    • RBs Rawls and Collins looked good in camp; nice burst through the line (even though no contact was allowed).
    • Doug Baldwin is so smooth. He had a great catch on an inside throw from Wilson with Sherman in coverage. He did have a drop on a long-sideline throw with Kam in coverage when he got behind the safety.
    • Blair Walsh was booting kick-offs deep in the endzone or into the corner of the endzone; no chance for a return.
    • DB Shaquil Griffin looked good when high-pointing for the ball on the sideline during drills.
    • WRs Richardson and Lawler looked good when extending for sideline balls.
    • FS Earl Thomas was a full partiscipant
    • In 11-on-11 Drills, Collins got a lot of snaps with the 1st team and looked sharp (in non-contact football) and caught the ball well when thrown to in the flats and up the middle.
    • 2,444 fans showed up for Training Camp today.


    • Missing players - DT Malik McDowel, & CJ Prosise were not at practice
    • DT McDowell was in an ATV accident and the team didn't report it until after he was missing from camp; he's been put on the Did Not Report and is rumored to be placed on the Non-Football Injury placement due to his injury occurring while participating on a non-contract approved event. The good news is that this may mean his NFL clock hasn't started and works out if he can come back. McDowell provided a statement and said it's not life or career threatening.
    • CJ Prosise was not available due to sickness, not injury. Prosise was injured on his first day at camp in 2016.
    • Known Injured Players: WR Tyler Lockett, OT Justin Senior, CB DeShawnd Shead and DE Dion Jordan will start the year on the PUP.
    • Doug dropped a ball.

    Additional Notes

    • CB Lane got the first look at RCB opposite Richard Sherman in their base 4-3 Defense.
    • LB Wilhoite got the SAM (OLB opposite KJ Wright) in their base 4-3 Defense.
    • CB Nieko Thorpe moved to RCB with CB Lane moving inside to Nickel CB.
    • OL - Fant at LT, Britt at C and Ifedi at RT
    • LG was a mix with Joeckel, Odhiambo and Roos
    • RG was a mix with Glowinski and Aboushi
    • Joeckel also got some reps at LT.
    • Pocic seemed to get a lot of reps with the 2nd OL and at RG.

  • Good write up, Sammy! Much appreciated!

    Did Lawker look bigger?
    Did you happen to take note of how the RBs got their reps?

  • @veda-the-moor said in Seahawks Training Camp:

    Good write up, Sammy! Much appreciated!

    Did Lawker look bigger?
    Did you happen to take note of how the RBs got their reps?

    With no pads, Lawler look a little more built but like Richardson, they both look long and lean. Depending on which team he gets the most time with will probably determine his depth chart role.

    Lacy got minimal reps in the 11-on-11 drills that I saw. I was positioned closer to the DBs and Special Team coverage based on where I was sitting. In the 11-on-11 drills, Collins and Rawls got the most of the reps that I saw.

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