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Seahawks release WR Brandon Marshall

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    Adam Schefter Tweets:

    Seahawks released veteran WR Brandon Marshall, per source.

  • Sad to see him go because I liked him as a person but his productivity was not worth it since he wasn't going to be in their future plans.

    David Moore really solidified that 3rd WR spot and if Marshall can't play Special Teams he's not worth keeping on the roster.

    I see them bringing WR Keenan Reynolds to the active roster.

    Thanks for your time Brandon Marshall.

  • Id love to see Reyolds get another shot at the roster. I wouldnt mind them bringing back Grayson actually...he plays special teams and has an interesting skill set to go with play action.

    Brandon Marhsall.. a bit of a roller coaster. Early in July I was going to take it as a bad sign if he made the roster..then he showed up well and I was happy to have him...then..regular season.. inefficient, slow..

    Good guy, great team mate. Was glad I got to see him at TC and wish him the best! As if he needs my best wishes. Lol.

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