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Mychal Kendricks suspended eight games

  • writes:

    Seahawks linebacker Mychal Kendricks is no longer indefinitely suspended due to his September guilty plea to insider trading charges.

    NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday that Kendricks is now suspended eight games and the suspension includes time previously served. Kendricks, who initially was suspended Oct. 2, can return to practice Nov. 12 and play Dec. 10 when the Seahawks play the Vikings in Week 14.

    Kendricks has played in 3 games for the Seahawks; two starts. He has 2 sacks and 13 tackles in the games he played.

  • I don't understand why this took so long to deal out a punishment.

    Eight games seems really unreasonable. I feel this is 100% overreaction and optics instead of ruling a true punishment for his conduct.

    Glad to see he can come back; he was the perfect LB while Wright was out and for Mingo to come up to speed.

  • Its so legit dumb. 8 games? Think of what has been done to get 3, 4, 6, and 8 game suspensions..and he acted on inside information .. and thats worse?? Its a crime and needs to be.. and it needs to be a felony. But its NOT the type of crime the NFL needs to be cracking down on.

  • Suspensions that have lasted longer than the one levied against Kendricks since the end of the 2016 season:

    • LB Jerrell Freeman - 32 Games - third failed PED test (Retired so he never served the suspension)
    • CB Jalen Collins - 10 Games - fourth failed substance test (FA so never served the suspension - 2018)
    • DT Khyri Thornton - 10 Games - unknown; likely a failed substance test (FA so never served the suspension)
    • LB Brian Cushing - 10 Games - second failed PED test
    • CB Jalen Collins - 10 Games - second failed PED test (2017) Yes, it's the same guy on this list twice
    • TE Darren Waller - 16 Games - failed substance test
    • CB Justin Gilbert - 16 Games - failed substance test
    • S TJ McDonald - 8 Games - failed substance test
    • DE Randy Gregory - 16 Games - failed substance test
    • LB Rolando McCain - Indefinite - failed substance test
    • DT Sammie Lee Hill - Indefinite - failed substance test

    Essentially, Kendricks suspension is equal to a 2nd failed PED or 3rd Substance Abuse

  • JMO
    The NFL has no business levying a suspension until the court has ruled. Who made them God?

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