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Bye Week Extensions..

  • So.. sometimes.. not always..sometimes Bye Weeks are enough of a break that contract extensions are done.

    Who would you want to extend if anyone right now?

    Clark is a popular name. I wouldnt do it and I explain why (or did I actually?) in our podcast.

    I think.. I THINK...I would extend Justin Coleman this week. In the irrational market of the NFL , for some reason Slot Corners are cheap even though good ones are actually rare. (name 5 GOOD slot corners.. no? Name 5 outside corners? Exactly.) Justin is a keeper, is cheap and provides stability. Not a sexy signing but a very practical one.

  • If I were to extend anyone, it would only be people who have been on the team for a while:

    • CB Justin Coleman - he's really the only one that fits the bill.
    • DE Frank Clark - Unless he's wow'd by the Seahawks he taking it to the off-season to get Franchise Tagged or gets a long-term deal later. I don't see the value in him getting extended mid-season for financial reasons.
    • LB KJ Wright - Sadly, I think KJ's time will come to end; it's unfair to judge someone who's missed 6 games but that's part of the reason why he won't get extended. He could have an amazing final 10 games and make it really hard for the Seahawks.
    • FS Earl Thomas -
      alt text
    • RB Mike Davis - I think he'll try to get a deal somewhere else if he can continue to show his talent. I don't think he'll want to platoon with Carson and Penny next year.

    For those that have only been with the team this year:

    • OG JR Sweezy - The Seahawks might roll the dice and see if Ethan Pocic can unseat Sweezy at LG in 2019
    • OG Danny Jesus Fluker - I want to resign him but I think it doesn't happen until the offseason.
    • WR Brandon Marshall - Hasn't show much consistency to warrant an extension; the drops are killing his production and the teams.
    • K Seabass -No... get younger at kicker.

  • Im in pretty much full agreement.
    Something feels weird about KJ Wrights injury.. he wont be extended. Im confident of that.

    Sweezy.. can wait. But it doesnt feel right to say hes just been with us a year. Hes a returnee and knows how good he has it here. I think he gets resigned because he wants to stay.

    Fluker.. thats gonna cost.

    Marshall..honestly Id cut him right now.

    Seabass.. will see how it goes.

  • I cannot see either Seabass or Marshall being extended....but what do I know?

    If Sweezy stays healthy I can see us re-signing him in the off-season, but not until then.

    IMHO: I think Fluker gets re-signed either now or next year. When healthy he's done a very good job.

    KJ: While I love him (in a manly way of course ) if the knee issue is major, I doubt we or anyone else will sign him.

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