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DE Frank Clark awarded NFC Defensive Player of the Week

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    Seahawks PR Tweeted the award:

    In addition to being the NFC Defensive Player of the Week, @Seahawks DE @TheRealFrankC_ is the only player in the NFL with at least 5.0 sacks, four tackles for loss and one interception. #GoHawks

    So this is Frank Clark as each week progresses.

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  • He just keeps getting more and more expensive.............. feels like a Franchise Tender and then let him go the year after that situation we have 2 off seasons to find a pass rush.

  • Last year's 2017's Franchise Tag Values:

    • QB $21,268,000
    • DE $16,934,000
    • WR $15,682,000
    • LB $14,550,000
    • CB $14,212,000
    • DT $13,387,000
    • RB $12,120,000
    • S $10,896,000
    • TE $9,780,000
    • K/P $4,835,000

    He's having a stellar year.

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