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Seahawks Owner Paul Allen passes away at 65

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    Paul Allen, owner of the Seattle Seahawks, has passed away at the age of 65. Allen recently announced that his non-Hodgkin's Lymphona had returned and was determined to beat it again.

  • So sad to hear... One of the highlights was knowing that at every NFC Championship game, Paul Allen was there to raise the 12th Man Flag; 2005, 2013, and 2014. Each time I got misty-eyed seeing him raise the flag and seeing him get emotional with the fans.

    Obviously, Allen is more than just the Seahawks owner but I remember when we signed Mike Holmgren to be our Head Coach/GM and I thought the Lombardi's would just rain down on Seattle. Unfortunately we had a wait a little longer than that but it showed that he knew how to put together a solid team. He wasn't the ego-maniac who had to make sure everyone saw him; something that I really admire.

    Thank you Mr. Allen. This Seahawks fan is eternally grateful.

  • Per Twitter:

    There has been a plan in place for the Blazers and Seahawks for a couple of years in the event of Paul Allen's death. Paul's sister Jody does not want to own either team according to my sources. So look for both teams to be sold by Allen's estate.

    No clue what this account is or how accurate it is.

    Either way, it's scary to think about the Seahawks without Paul Allen; he was the best owner in all of sports.

  • Rumors are flying everywhere. Latest I heard was she may keep the 'Hawks but get rid of the Blazers.

  • This was the first thing I read this morning and felt even sadder than I would have expected.

    I feel lucky to have lived in a world where Paul Allen was able to do a lot of good and have a lot of impact.

    The past few years I came to be in even more awe of Paul Allen because we happened to share a lot of interests, just on a different economic scale. Im a bit of a WWII buff with a particular interest when Paul Allen would go out and find wrecks and I will never forget watching his footage of the Musashi wreck.

    His air museum, his music and pop culture museum / centers.. Paul Allen was the type of man we all say we want to be if we find ourselves as billionaires someday..but most people who really get there, along the way.. they change. To the end Paul Allen seemed like a guy you could chat with over just about anything over a cup of coffee at Starbucks..and it would be Starbucks because he was about as Pacific Northwest as it gets.

    Thank you Mr. Allen. For everything. Not just saving our Seahawks, but everything. You will be truly missed.

    PS pretty sure I called dibs on the Seahawks so if Jody doesnt want them pretty sure Im next in line.

  • That was quick. We just heard his cancer was back.

    I'll just keep this short and say I'm a little bit crushed.

    *PS - Listening to some tributes I can't help but feel everyone wants to say he was the antithesis of Jerry Jones. I believe that's true and I couldn't be prouder.

    God rest.

  • Apparently for those in the inner circle it was obvious.. he couldnt do somethings the past few weeks etc..

    but yea.. it was a shock. Just 2 weeks ago I was reading snarky remarks about how easy this cancer is to beat if youre rich..

    I spent a bit of time tonight reading up on him..and reviewing the things in my life he has touched..

    Another person I think I have a lot I could learn from.

  • Because I think it's worth highlighting, since Allen took over the team in 1997:

    • 1 Superbowl Win (2013)
    • 3 NFC Championships (2005, 2013, & 2014)
    • 3 Seahawks Voted into the Hall of Fame (DT Cortez Kennedy 2012, LT Walter Jones 2014 & S Kenny Easley 2017)
    • 23-All Pro's (LT Jones 4, S Earl Thomas 3, CB Richard Sherman 3, MLB Bobby Wagner 3, LG Steve Hutchinson 2, RB Marshawn Lynch 1, RB Shaun Alexander 1, MLB Lofa Tatupu 1, C Max Unger 1, LB Chad Brown 1, FB Mack Strong 1, DE Patrick Kerney 1, & KR/PR Tyler Lockett 1)
    • 84-Pro Bolwers
    • 9 Division Titles (8 NFC West & 1 AFC West)
    • 12 Playoff Appearances
    • 4 Head Coaches (Dennis Erickson, Mike Holmgren, Jim Mora & Pete Carroll)

  • RIP, Hawk Father! Thanks for saving our Seahawks!!! You was the Best Owner in the NFL!!

  • The Hawk Father!! Love it!

    Welcome Warner68! Go Hawks!

  • Youtube Video

    20-minute video about the 21+ year era of Paul Allen's ownership of the Seahawks.

    Talks about the move down to LA and fans trying to stop the trucks in 1996.

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