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Game #6 Seahawks (2-3) "@" Raiders (1-4) London Edition

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    Broadcast: Fox 10:00 AM
    Radio: 710 AM ESPN & 97.3 KIRO FM
    Location: Wembley Stadium


    • LB KJ Wright and DE Rasheem Green have already been ruled out.
    • TE Nick Vannett was limited in practice after missing the previous day.
    • OL Coach Tom Cable is still with the Raiders; Derek Carr has been sacked 11 times this year (3 each in the past 3 games).
    • Seahawks are a 2-point favorite as a "road team" on a neutral field.
    • Seattle will be starting the same OL for the 3rd game in a row this year.

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    If you're going to the game in London, the Seahawks have an official page with places they recommend and where staff will be in attendance.

    Located a stone's throw from the London Bridge, 12s can drop in for fresh ales, craft beers and hand-made pies - including a "taste of the Pacific Northwest" special.
    Stop by and pin a 12 Flag on the world map, snap a photo with Blitz, enter to win fun Seahawks prizes or grab a pint and a pie and play some Seahawks Jenga!
    If you are going to the game, you will want to make sure you have an official Seahawks London Game rally towel, and the best place to get one is at the Barrowboy & Banker throughout the week.

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  • I've been to London once; it was an awesome place to visit. Everything is so old and also filled with so much new stuff at the same time too.

    If I could go to a road game, this would have been high on the list but the prices were crazy. Maybe if I had someone that I could have crashed on their couch or something it would have made it more "manageable."

    I expect a great game from the Seahawks still. Envious of anyone that was able to make the trip.

  • Man I would have loved to make the trip over for this game. I've visited a few European countries, but haven't made it over to the UK yet.

    Every London game over the last couple years has been a blow-out. Interested to see if the Hawks will be better adjusted being over there 24 hours longer than the Raiders.

    Compared to last week, I see a bit of a let down by the Hawks. Defense plays better against a much lesser opposing offense, but our offense doesn't look quite as good as it did last week. Hawks win 23-20.

    Marshawn is my favorite Seahawk of all time... mixed emotions going against him. I want him to have a good game, but want Carr and the rest of the team to look like ass compared to us.

  • If the weather is going to be as bad as forecasted, It will be a real interesting game with Marshawn blasting into our Defense and the duo of Carson and Davis running roughshod (fingers crossed) over the Raiders Defense.

    It goes against my programming to want Lynch to have an off day but... I hope Lynch has an off day.

  • Very Pro-Seahawks crowd in London so far:

    alt text

    alt text

  • TE Nick Vannett ruled out so the Seahawks are gonna be running a lot of George Fant as a blocking TE.

  • Judith Hill with the anthem. I met her in the Starbucks next to the Shinjuku Hilton not long after Michael Jackson died. She was meant to be a back singer and partner for the duets with him for his This is It shows in its cool she made it to London this way.

    I should have gone to this.. looks so fun!

  • So awesome this is counts as an away game.. sounds like a Home..looks like a Home .

  • Penny sighting.

    Raiders dont look motivated.

  • Seahawks doing more to hurt themselves than the Raiders.

    Still up 20-0 but it should be 31-0.

  • Quick thoughts:

    • Rushing attack came for so many players - Carson 14:59, Penny 9:43, Davis 6:21, Wilson 6:20, Lockett 1:7 & Moore 1:5
    • Seahawks owned the TOP and the game.
    • Seahawks mistakes gave the Raiders more opportunities as they stopped themselves from scoring (Red Zone INT, Baldwin failing to convert on a 3rd down and Shaquil's unnecessary Holding penalty on a Frank Clark Sack)
    • The Pass Rush came alive against a bad Tom Cable OL; finally know what it's like for other teams all those years.
    • Seahawks DC Ken Norton Jr wanted to shut down Marshawn Lynch and it showed.
    • "Revenge Game" for ex-Raiders DC Norton & K Janikowski,
    • Russell looks vintage on two of those TD throws; scrambles buys time and then lofts them to the WR for an easy TD.
    • Defense came alive; if they play more disciplined, it would have been a shut-out.
    • Can't remember the last time a Seahawks team ate up 8:25 of the game clock to get to the victory formation.

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