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Wrecked by "A Star Is Born"

  • Awards all around for for this film and its actors. Fantastic film. At least to me it was. Why I post this in this "Star Wars Forum" is this film wrecked me at the end. I haven't cried from a film for quite a while. It hit me a bit close to home. Lady Gaga was amazing. This is Bradley Cooper's Oscar role and Sam Elliot deserves a nom for Supporting Actor. I highly recommend this film. You may not get so emotionally rocked as I got but in the end, when Gaga is done singing, You'll definitely have the feels... which is ultimately the reason I go to the movies to begin with.

  • Quite interested to read this review and recommendation. I like Bradley Cooper generally.. with the possible exception of American Sniper or whatever the English title was. The first remake came out in 1980 ...I was 8..and it seemed an impossibly boring movie just based on the movie reviews Id read and Ive never been able to shake that image of it.

    Im not ever really sure what its about ..but maybe I should face my fears and go see this.

  • I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying the flick is about the relationship between a rock star whose career starts to fade and the woman, who eventually becomes his wife, becoming a rising star and achieving her dreams. There's lots of scenes of live concerts. I know Lady Gaga is kinda polarizing but she is stripped down to just raw singing and piano talent in this movie and she is incredible. Was never a fan of her music but her talent is undeniable.

    Bradley Cooper sings in the film too and he sounds like he's been doing it all his life. To be honest, I don't really like Bradley Cooper, but in this film, I FORGOT he was Bradley Cooper. I rarely if ever forget the name of the actor of the film I'm watching.

    The film is very much a love story. Those flicks are usually my wife's jam but I heard that the music was incredible and indeed it was. Gaga's amazing delivery of the song at the end of the film was like that big right hook in the final round of a championship fight. I tried to hold the tears back but I couldn't. I got got. It may not effect others like that but if you can at least appreciate stellar acting within a beautiful story A Star Is Born is easily worth the price of admission.

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