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Predictions -- Rams coming to town

  • Hate to say it but I don't see a win...
    But I think our D scheme will slow them down some.

    One score game by the end.


  • Division game so it'll be closer than we think... but we are hurt and they are not.

    23-20 Seahawks lose.

    The defense has been playing really well and I think they surprise the Seahawks. Having Bobby will be huge for their running game and Gurley.

    Also, their Defense looks like it gets complacent so maybe we can surprise them and use the running game to our advantage.

  • Definitely have a hard time seeing us win this one. Rams are stacked pretty much everywhere. Missing Earl and Kendricks makes me somewhat uncomfortable with the defense, though I'm excited to see young guys continue to get more playing time.

    The Rams defense hasn't been playing as well as I would expect, but I don't have that much faith in the offense to have an explosive game or be able to stay ahead of the sticks and grind out long possessions for points.

    Prolly lose by two scores, game feels like an uphill battle all the way.

  • We gonna take a beatin' this weekend. But I think this group won't mail in the rest of the season. I see us bouncing back with focus and determination.

    Big sigh right here... 31-13 Rams.

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