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Richard Sherman - The Players Tribune Offseason Article

  • What My Off-Season Was Really Like - By Richard Sherman (Players Tribune)

    They want to talk about Russell Wilson and the tension — or whatever you want to call it — that supposedly exists between us.
    I’m sure you heard about what happened at a practice back in 2014: I picked Russell off, and then yelled back at him — I said something I wouldn’t want my kids to hear me say. I yelled, “You fucking suck.”
    That 100% happened. Nobody denies that.
    But do you really believe that I think Russell sucks?

    @Veda-the-Moor - I'm claiming that this is how Sherman believes in "Iron sharpens Iron." It's his twist on compete, compete, compete.

  • Totally agree, thats what I was alluding to during out podcast. Football practice isnt a knitting class, it isnt debate class, it isnt alter boy practice. Its a different culture and calling out mistakes in the heat of the moment like that isnt particularly rare and certainly doesnt have the same implications or consequences as it would in any non-sports type situation.

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