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#311 Los Angeles Rams 10-3-18

  • @sammyc521, @Zeb-Stark, & @Veda-the-Moor prepare their mind, bodies and spirits as the division-leading LA Rams come to Seattle. While Seattle came back from the 0-2 start to win two-in-a-row, they have lost vital players along the way. Seattle also is a 7-point dog at home to the Jared Goff lead Rams.

    Join them live by going to their channel;

    Get your questions in; we've love to get you guys involved. Any topic added to the main forum may be selected for the third topic: the Hawks Cast Corner.

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    Seahawks climb back to .500 but at what cost? Pink Taco Stadium claims the last of the LOB with Earl Thomas flipping the bird after he suffer another lower-leg fracture. His worst fears come to life and Seattle again returns to an Earl-less secondary. Will Dissly's promising rookie start comes to an end thanks to the desert field that is Pink Taco Stadium. Their white-collar crime committing LB has also been suspended indefinitely. This is the Seahawks FanTable Podcast brought to you by Hawks Cast.

    Topic #1 Who do you support the most; the team, the player or something else?
    Topic #2 What is the legacy of the Legion of Boom?
    Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner What effect does the running game have on the wins? - Tony
    Topic #4 LA Rams When comparing the Seahawks offense to the Rams; have the Rams and the NFL passed by Pete and our FO?

    Winner: Seahawks vs. Rams
    More Rushing Yards: Seahawks or Rams
    Over/Under Pictures of Sean McVay and his Wife: 1.5
    Over/Under Russell Wilson Sacks taken: 3.5
    Will Doug Baldwin convert on 3rd down: Yes/No
    Will a different Seahawks RB pass 100-yards rushing: Yes/No
    Convert more than 33% of 3rd-down opportunities: Yes/No

  • Loved all the attention paid to Sean McVay's girlfriend. @Veda-the-Moor was at a loss for words.

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