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Game #4 Seahawks (1-2) @ Cardinals (0-3)

  • Youtube Video

    Broadcast: Fox 1:05 PM
    Radio: 710 AM ESPN & 97.3 KIRO FM
    Location: State Farm Stadium


    • WR Doug Baldwin will play according to Pete Carroll; his first action since Week 1
    • S Earl Thomas hasn't been traded yet
    • LB KJ Wright and DE Rasheem Green are already ruled out
    • Seattle will start it's 4th new OL configuration in 4 weeks
    • Seattle has not won a road September game in the past 5 years
    • Neither Seattle nor Arizona has won a home game against each other since 2014
    • Seattle is a 3-point favorite

  • I'm expecting a blow out.

    Our defense has been playing great; kept us in a lot of games when the offense wasn't clicking.

    Arizona is the 32nd offense in almost every category (yards, scoring, passing and rushing).

    If we lose to this team, the Seahawks are toast. Please prove me right that we are better than the Cardinals.

  • Inactives

    • WR Keenan Reynolds
    • RB Chris Carson (was listed as questionable all week)
    • S Shalo Luani
    • G Ethan Pocic
    • DL Dion Jordan
    • DL Rasheem Green
    • LB KJ Wright

    Cardinal Inactives

    • $$ Sam Bradford
    • RB TJ Logan
    • CB Deatrick Nichols
    • OL Jeremy Vujnovich
    • OL Andre Smith
    • OL Korey Cunningham
    • DE Ifeadi Odenigbo

  • Good news that WR Doug Baldwin is playing; I think this really helps our offense.

    Surprised that Carson is inactive; either he's really hurt or they are trying to protect his health by relying on Penny against a bad team. Also Prosise is active so... I guess he'll play like 20 snaps and not do anything.

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    Quick thoughts

    • Running game looks solid but it doesn't look like they are confident in it because they failed to run on 3rd and short.
    • 3rd down opportunities are terrible
    • Russell may grade out to be one of the best run blockers in our team
    • Cardinals QB Rosen didn't do anything that I felt was punch-worthy so apologies for miss judging him in his first start.
    • Congratulations to QB Wilson for his 75th career regular season win (passing Matt Hasselbeck)
    • Earl's worst fears came to life. Don't know where this leads him to next
    • This Seahawks team is better than the 2 in the previous road games
    • WR Doug Baldwin had multiple catches on 3rd down that didn't convert... that was strange
    • K Seabass entered the dog house and us currently on standby even after making the game-winner

  • Expensive win. The team looks like crappalo. But 2-2 is a lot better than 1-3.

    Y'all know I'm normally a glass half full type of fan, but sheesh!

  • @lymon said in Game #4 Seahawks (1-2) @ Cardinals (0-3):

    Expensive win. The team looks like crappalo. But 2-2 is a lot better than 1-3.

    Y'all know I'm normally a glass half full type of fan, but sheesh!

    Phoenix is eating up the LOB, one player at a time.

  • So..that was..par for the course. I think weve long since learned that games vs the NFCW dont really tell you much about where we are as a team. A win is a win, a loss is a loss without too much to learn as far as overall level of the team.

    Man.. .third downs.. what was UP with that? Is it an issue or a statistical anomaly?

    Earl Thomas. Man that stinks. Man. Odd.. most of what Ive read so far is full of "SEE?? That is what Earl was saying!!!" But its just as much "SEEE??? THATs what the Seahawks were afraid of!!!* Im mad that the last the Earl will do in a Seahawk jersey is flip off the coach has gone to bat for him and helped make him a star. You dont, or shouldnt, get paid for what youve already done. And this isnt like someone in the 4th year of a rookie contract wanting a raise after outplaying it. He is getting paid like a top 5 safety and some of the concerns the Seahawks had about extending him were recent bouts of injuries. And..there you go.

    Dissly.. well..damn. Immediately knew that was gonna be bad and now Im really upset for him and the team. Vannett better improve and show us more of the flashes we saw in camp and preseason. Time to be the man.

    Baldwin was so rusty..or.. has he slowed down and that is why he kept coming up short?

    Didnt feel Wilson was comfortable in the offense and still feel the offense is neutering him.

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