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Earl Thomas - Won't Practice To Protect Himself

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    What’s your mindset now? Was this your last game as a Seahawk?
    ET: I don’t know if it was, but I had a damn good time and I’ll go out like that if I have to.
    Is there any part of you that is still hopeful that something can be worked out in Seattle or has that ship sailed?
    ET: I just want to be appreciated.
    And you don’t think you’re appreciated here by this organization?
    ET: I mean, show me.

    "I need to make sure my body is 100," Thomas said when asked about missing practice Wednesday and Thursday for what coach Pete Carroll had only described as personal reasons. "I’m invested in myself. If they was invested in me, I would be out there practicing. But if I feel like anything -- I don’t give a damn if it’s small, I’ve got a headache -- I’m not practicing. But I don’t want that to be taken the wrong way. I know I’m going to get fined. But that’s just where I’m at with that."

    I know that a lot of people are 100% done with Earl (rightfully so), but I want to talk about how crazy good he's been in these 3 games.

    If he played 100% of the Denver game, maybe we win that.

    For this year, fine him and play him on Sunday. Then Franchise Tag him and trade him before the draft in the off-season.

    I'm not done with Earl the player; I think he's worth extending right now as risky as it is.

    I'm done with Earl the person; the Seahawks have to move on from players that don't buy in even if they are great.

  • I'm just seeing selfishness. He signed what I believe was a front-loaded contract. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) So he was aware that the back-end of that contract wasn't going to be as rich as the front-end. The Seahawks invested in him with that contract and he should honor the entire agreement. Or at a minimum, fulfill all the duties required, like taking part in practice and showing up to meetings on time, while him and his agent are engaged in talks for a new contract or a trade. This horsesh*t of choosing when or even IF he will practice and all the public comments regarding the situation is just low rent.

    I don't like that the younger players see this. He's showing how far one can push PC/JS. I really want PC to punish him the way he would any other player. I want to hear about the discipline handed down to him. He's only a part of a team and he needs to calm the "F" down, play by the rules, and either be all in, or be a hold out and go home.

    I hope Earl isn't a leader on this team because this crap isn't leadership. Its grade school sniveling.

  • I'm not disagreeing with you guys, it's just that he has 3 turnovers in 3 games! He could be starting a new trend? LOL!

  • Looks like Pete is giving Earl rest days, Non-Injury Related (NIR) to excuse him from practice.

    It's a Pete Carroll World and we're just spectators.

  • Ian Rapaport is saying that the Seahawks are asking for two 2nd round picks for Thomas.

    The trade deadline is 3(?) weeks away.

  • @sammyc521 said in Earl Thomas - Won't Practice To Protect Himself:

    Ian Rapaport is saying that the Seahawks are asking for two 2nd round picks for Thomas.

    The trade deadline is 3(?) weeks away.

    Think we'll get it ? too soon..?

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