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NFC West Training Camp Talking Points

  • I co-wrote something on what the biggest talking points from Training Camp will be. This is the stuff you guys should look out for.

    What do you think is the biggest issue for each team? Did I miss anything?

  • Nice article @MFB12 . Very good talking points.

    I don't think you're missing much but my outsiders view for the NFC West:

    Arizona - Can you get young enough for one more year? This is a roster filled with aging stars that when 100% healthy, can still be amazing.

    Six of their 7 oldest players will start: K Dawson (42), QB Palmer (37), LB Dansby (35), QB Stanton (33), DT Rucker (33), WR Fitzgerald (33) and S Bethea (33)

    San Francisco & Los Angeles - Can your new coaching staff make an impact right away?

    Both have huge questions at QB and offensive scheme (new coach with new players and new system). LA has a slight edge in the fact they still have a quality defense and will probably give Seattle fits when Wade Phillips plays against Bevell's offense.

    Seattle - Are you healthy?

    That's my biggest question because it answers questions at OL, WR depth, DB/Nickel, and RB in regards to the competition and actually allowing the best player rise to the top. The secondary and OL will benefit with a lot of camp bodies that the Seahawks would gladly put in the starting roster if proven they are the best.

    This is a team that started out of need/desperation/hubris a guy that never played LT last year in Fant.