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Game #3 Cowboys (1-1) vs Seahawks (0-2) Home Opener

  • Youtube Video

    Broadcast: Fox 1:25 PM
    Radio: 710 AM ESPN & 97.3 KIRO FM
    Location: CenturyLink Field


    • LB KJ Wright, WR Doug Baldwin & OG Ethan Pocic are ruled out for this game.
    • OC Justin Britt and LB Mychal Kendricks are Questionable.
    • QB Russell Wilson, OG DJ Fluker, CB Tre Flowers and MLB Bobby Wagner were full practice participants.
    • This game is a Pick 'Em.
    • The past 19 teams to start their first two games on the road:
      9 went 1-1
      9 went 0-2
      1 went 2-0
    • Seahawks have started 0-2 in their first two road games three times; twice back-to-back and once with a Home game sandwiched in.

  • Looking forward to this game.

    This really sets the table for the rest of the year. A win means that the season is not lost and a loss almost guarantees we work on developing players all year long.

  • And I've got two words for you folks: Go 'Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So apparently Im excited.. woke up at 5'30am and cant get back to sleep!

    Go Hawks!

    Flew over for this game, really pumped!

  • So Earl is playing now... and then we're gonna trade him to the... Chiefs?

    So confused. Go Hawks!

  • He shouldn't play if they are really gonna trade him. For me, he either plays happy or he sits. I'm very wary of a disgruntled guy playing not to get hurt. I don't think he is really gonna be 100% in this game.

  • Quick reactions:

    • Defense is built to play a close game
    • Forced Turnovers make this team so much better
    • Team is better at home (hope this continues all year)
    • Running and a balanced offense make for a better team
    • Seahawks played very disciplined all game
    • First Running TD from the Redzone since 2016
    • S Bradley McDougald is one of the best Free Agent signings by the Seahawks and FO (nearing Avril and Bennett)
    • #ExtendEarl


    So Earl says he won't practice if anything slightly hurts. Then says if the Seahawks would invest in him he'd practice.

    Not a good look. I think HE is done with US. Just get a vibe that option 1 is to get traded with a new Seahawk contract a distant 2nd.

  • Russell got rid of the ball before I could count to "1-1,000_3"! 👍🏻

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