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Welcome to My Doghouse Russ, Pete and John

  • Woof. Well that MNF display was for the dogs. I'll throw the defense a bone though. Their performance surprised in a good way. Unfortunately that's where the the good times end. Some have strayed from the Seahawk Way and now I have to take Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and John Schneider out of their comfy homes and put them in My Doghouse for reasons I shall now explain.

    1. Um... Russ kinda sucks so far this season. Why? Well, probably a number of things all at once. He's got a new OC that may not have many "...and if that play doesn't work just go school yard" type of plays that Russ is so famous for. I mean, the word has been since Schotty was hired that he would hold Russ more accountable. From what I've seen so far, it looks like a bad match. However in Schotty's defense, I'm not sure he has called a complete game to properly evaluate his approach to Russ and this offense. (More on that later.)
      Another reason is the O-line is still sub-par. Maybe it takes a few games to really grasp the teachings of the new O-line coach Mike Solari, but it looks to me like the line is just as bad as always or at least Russ has no faith in them.
      Oh, and can we talk about why the heck Russ is holding onto the ball for so damn long? Throw it, the fudge, away! Hot take right here: If Russ didn't hold the ball so long, Khalil Mack's stats wouldn't have looked as impressive and today we'd be talking about how Germain Ifedi actually did pretty good against the premier NFL pass rusher.

    Yeah, so chew on that!!

    1. Coach Carroll. Man, what was up with the whole not playing Carson in the 2nd half, then saying some garbage like "he was gassed"? I think you got called out on it and admitted it was a mistake. Or wait... Where you admitting that it was a mistake to be inserting yourself into the offensive playcalling and have Schotty dial up some long passes? They failed btw, and attributed nothing to an already stagnate offense. Bad Petey.

    2. I put this next one on John Schneider. In a baffling move, the Seahawks waived their veteran starting defensive tackle Tom Johnson to bring up a rookie db to the active roster. The idea was to re-sign Johnson after the game... I think. Well the Vikings just signed him so now he's making Viking money AND Seahawk money since his pay was guaranteed for the year. It was a great move by Johnson but how did JS not see that coming? And the kicker is that that rookie db didn't even play in the game!

    The only thing that brings me solace in a sort of weird way is I saw a stat that during the PC/JS era, the Seahawks have had a few other seasons that started off with 2 away games. Guess what? We started 0-2 every time. So we got that going for us. Maybe the season won't be a total loss. One thing I do know is Russ, Pete, and John have to get their act together if they want out of My Doghouse. I can't take an entire season of this crap.

  • I agree on a lot of fronts.

    I will always give a long-leash to Pete and Russ but I mostly agonize these close losses. These were winnable games and our margin of error is so small.

    We aren't getting blown out but we are losing games we have no reason we should be losing if we would stop playing scared. I think that's the best way to put it, the Seahawks are scared.

  • Weve had 3 seasons under Pete where we started with 2 away games. In all we have gone 0-2, but in one we made the playoffs.

    Mostly I agree with whats said. The offense.. I dont get yet. The defense, frankly I show this why PC is still awesome. Its not always about the players but the prep and they system and this defense is good already I think. Despite losing tons of talent and replacing with..we arent sure what yet.

    I just want to play to our strenghts on offense, and actualy be more stubborn. I dont mind Carson not playing part of the game.. Penny was a first round pick. If there is a drop off, and hes not that good... I want to know now.

  • Forgot to announce it earlier, but this is going to be the Hawks Cast Corner Topic on the #309 podcast.

    Thank you @Birdfinger

  • Excellent podcast gentleman! Enjoyed it greatly!

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