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#309 Home Opener Dallas Cowboys 9-19-18

  • @sammyc521, @Zeb-Stark, & @Veda-the-Moor start the year 0-2 with the Seahawks on basically all their predictions. Do you have any ideas on where to go from here? If so, join us live this Wednesday!

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    Get your questions in; we've love to get you guys involved. Any topic added to the main forum may be selected for the third topic: the Hawks Cast Corner.

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    The Seahawks start the season 0-2 on the road and the third time in the Russell Wilson Era where they've lost their first two-road games. Right now everyone is panicking, people are questioning everything and we're seeing both good and bad surprises from this team. Rookies and Vets are making impacts but maybe not the way we expected. Nothing is coming to plan except early naysayers predicting a 4-win season. The Seahawks FanTable is here to talk you though. On the couch is Sam, Zeb and Ross ease your fears and talk it out.

    Topic #1 Would you rather see a blowout loss or nail-biter game that goes to the final ticks?
    Topic #2 Who is the biggest factor in our 0-2 start? Are you surprised?
    Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner Welcome to my Doghouse Russ, Pete & John - Birdfinger (
    Topic #4 Dallas Cowboys - Is Seattle ready to take on "America's Team?"

    Final Score: Seahawks & Cowboys
    More passes attempts:3rd-5th WRs or RBs
    Pete explains a strange gameplan: Yes/No
    Credit for a win: Offense/Defense
    Defense keeps up the INT Parade: Yes/No
    Over/Under Rushing Attempts: 22.5
    Over/Under False Starts: 1.5
    Over/Under Russel Wilson Sacks: 4.5

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