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Game #2 Seahawks (0-1) vs Bears (0-1) Monday Night Football

  • Youtube Video

    Broadcast: ESPN 5:15 PM
    Radio: 710 AM ESPN & 97.3 KIRO FM
    Location: Soldier Field


    • LB Mykel Kendricks is slated to start after being recently signed
    • Seahawks are currently a 3-point underdog
    • CB Tre Flowers, OG DJ Fluker, CB Shaquill Griffin, MLB Bobby Wagner and LB KJ Wright Did Not Practice on Friday. (Earl was also DNP but for a non-injury reason.)

  • Looking forward to this game. I think we have a good shot to go 1-1 to open on the road before we come home for the Cowboys.

    Gotta get healthy and hope that our pass-rush improves.

  • Breaking

    MLB Bobby Wagner ruled out for the game.

    LB KJ Wright and WR Doug Baldwin also ruled out.

  • So... my comfort level in this game went way down.

  • Tre Flowers doubtful..........

    So.. basically me and @Zeb-Stark are gonna line up and play if we can get there in time..

    Still.. I believe both side of lines are gonna show progress with a decent game plan to help Ifedi.

    Lets go Hawks.. show some surprising depth!

  • Seahawks Inactives:

    alt text

  • 3 Starters from last week and 5 pre-season starters...

    Ugh.. This looks to be ugly.


  • I'm gonna cheer my butt off but I'm thinking it won't be our night. 34-17 Bears.

    But GO HAWKS anyways!

  • I haven't seen the Russell Wilson that I love to watch and cheer for at all in 2018. Is this the RW we'll have to watch until he fully gets command of the Schotty O?

    I was kind of surprised the defense kept us in it. I say "kind of" because I don't think much of Trubisky. And it is ridiculous that there was all this offseason talk about becoming a running team, and through 2 games its clear the run is only there to keep defenses honest. This is a "Lets make RW a star!" offense. And RW has yet to show up through 2 games so far. That means we get to watch a disappointing offense week after week. We're only 2 games in and my mind is wondering towards the top 10 draft pick we'll have in next years draft. From what the Seahawks have shown to this point, my expectations for the season have been greatly reduced.

  • It's odd because Wilson just turns it on in a flash; never have I seen it result in a pick-6 mid-flash though. That was an ugly throw and in an empty set 3rd and lot looking for the out-route or come-back seemed like a bad throw. Why not go for something in the middle of the field?

    Ugly game, ugly start to the season and ugly injuries.

  • The NFL at least on offense, has passed Pete by because he refuses to adapt. Can you imagine Wilson if he played in a system like Philly, KC, NE, Pittsburg? He would have multiple mvps at this point. Pete needed to hire a OC who challenged him and instead he got a guy who hasn’t been successful at any stop and will run an outdated archaic offense that Pete is too stubborn to move away from. We ran twice into stacked boxes on 2nd and long. That is something smart teams never do. The post game interview was telling as well. Pete said he had Schott doing some things.....Pete getting his hands in something that he shouldn’t. Wilson was visibly upset with both of them after the dumb timeout call.

    I love Pete and what he’s done here but he’s the problem and he’s too stubborn to change.

  • Im just about to re watch the first real viewing. Monday Night was Tuesday morning and I was running around getting ready to fly over here (and here I am!).

    I dont know that the game has passed Carroll by.. how much has the game changed since 2015..? But Pete and John arent perfect and have some blind spots. I dont put this really on Pete other than he is ultimately responsible.

    Im going to re watch now but I suspect Schott isnt really putting people in a place to succeed. He wants to help Russel out in the pocket..great. But just because youre working on that weakness doesnt mean its not a weakness. And it doesnt mean you ignore his strengths. Russ has 2 rushes in 2 games I think.. against teams that are being hyper aggressive. Thats not a good sign. There should be both QB draws and read options to counter the defense teams are using. Watch the DEs play to contain, bullrushing up field only as deep as Russ.

    Khalil Mack is good in all phases of the game, but like most elite pass rushes thats what he really likes to do. Where were the 4,5 straight rushes right at him to change his thinking, demoralize him and hit him. Chipping him wasnt working, needed true double teams. Max protects. to watch the shit show! May have more comments after!

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