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Game #1 Seahawks @ Broncos

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    Broadcast: KCPQ 13 Fox 1:25PM
    Radio: 710 AM ESPN & 97.3 KIRO FM
    Location: Mile High Stadium


    • LB Shaqueem Griffin to start for the injured LB KJ Wright
    • FS Earl Thomas has reported to the Seahawks (Seattle has the ability to put him on an exemption list so he doesn't count against the roster until he's officially activated; could be for this game or next)
    • Seattle is currently a -2.5 underdog according to betting line

  • Go Hawks!

  • @billa said in Game #1 Seahawks @ Broncos:

    Go Hawks!

    Seconded! Go Hawks!

  • !!!NERVES!!!!!


    GO HAWKS!!

  • @birdfinger said in Game #1 Seahawks @ Broncos:



    GO HAWKS!!

    Nerves .....sweaty hands 2 hours before the damn game..

  • LET'S GO!!!

    Just win baby!

  • Go Hawks!!

  • Quick thoughts...

    • Earl snap count limit hurt our defense. Loved that he played but the fact he wasn't game-shape ready means we saw a big dip. I know that some would rather learn with the growing pains of the younger guys but they were not prepared.
    • All the rookies played really well, except for Shaqueem. He got caught out of position too many times and got benched/swapped for Calitro.
    • Michael Dickson is the Rookie MVP.
    • Offense looked like last year's offense but had point surprisingly.
    • Ghost of Blair Walsh haunts us.
    • Reffing is garbage, swung 11 points (OPI against Marshall and the TD for the Broncos that was originally called "incomplete).
      Wilson doesn't remember how to play with a OL that blocks in place, he admitted that 3 of those sacks were on him looking to make a play (Like the TD to Marshall on 3rd down; the one that counted.)
    • Doug Baldwin MCL
    • The most Seahawk INTs in a long time... could have had 4 INTs and a fumble.

    Tough loss and a game we could have won if they had limited their mistakes. Hope they can learn from this game because if they can they could be really good like in 2012; incomplete but scary.

  • It wasn't like the 'Hawks were blown out. Could we have played better? Certainly. But it could have been a lot worse.

    Unfortunately, Ifedi is still a turnstile, but hey nobody's perfect.

    We'll get'm next week!! Go Hawks!!

  • Well, on the one hand.. they at least proved they are still a real team.. not a 4-12 looking disaster . And all those rookies are gonna get better.

    Tough day for Shaqueem.. a couple big mistakes early , some bad reads some
    bad angles and at least one play where the hand thing did matter . Just one game.

    Brandon Marshall was fine but let's not pretend he's 2015 Marshall. He has some
    abilty left.

    Wilson never looked right. At all. There really wasn't a good plan to deal with the Bronco rush and all it's effects..

    Can't leave Ifedi against Von Miller. Ever. They see that. And Wilson has to be aware he can't spin to the backside if what is back there is Ifedi trying to deal with Von Miller.

    If Baldwin is going to be gone, I hope they bring back Reynolds.

    SeaBass may not be the answer. Some disturbing trends.

    Pass rush really was weak most of the time, but nice INTs.

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