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Earl Thomas to report to the Seahawks

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    Josina Anderson wrote:

    Breaking: S @Earl_Thomas just told me he plans to report to the #Seahawks today.

    This is before Adam Rapoport wrote:

    The #Cowboys upped their offer to a 2nd round pick in recent days… then bowed out. They tried like crazy but were out. That helped ensure that Earl Thomas was staying in Seattle, which he announced on Instagram.

    Welcome back Earl!

  • This is great news. I welcome Earl back with open arms and he sees that he's not going to win this game of chicken.

    I wish the NFL was structured so guys like this could be rewarded without teams being forced to suffer when they eventually get injured.


  • Hmm.. I agree with a change to make it easier to keep veterans around, but this isnt that case. He is simply asking too much for what he is. The market doesnt value him that much, the market -- except for a bump he caused a couple years ago -- generally doesnt value safeties. Now, in my opinion, thats a flawed market but thats what happens all the time. Markets are irrational. But in this case, its not really. He is essentially asking to get paid for what he is done. Now is not the time to give him a raise...that makes no sense at all.

    I wouldnt get too used to having him around. This feels like a Duane Brown situation possibly.

  • Earl activated and ready to start.

    Sorry Tedric.

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