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The Final 53! What do you think?

  • So.. not many real big surprises. Any thoughts?

    I feel like there will still possibly be a move or two made this coming week.

    Over all.. my thoughts:

    I dont want to hate on Hundley...but you want a guy who can get your team close to .500 while he subs in.. maybe a shade under. Hundley was 3-8 last year. Still not someone I want to disrespect, but given who is available after cut downs I do sort of question the reason for using a 6th rounder to get him. EJ Manuel is out there for free right now.

    6 RBs I get. But I feel weird about. Early in the training camp period I asked here, on twitter, and so on.. about the effect the new kick off rule would have on roster make up. No one said anything. But to me, 6 RBs looks almost directly related. Penny and Madden were on the kick return team taking up places that normally would have been guards in the past.. I think this is somewhat connected to that.

    TE... Ed Dickson not just being waived is kind of a surprise to me after they traded for a TE.

    Just 5 WRs..Johnson trade makes me happy -- someone values him, he will get a chance. Darboh.. IRed for no real reason. I sincerely doubt he will somehow suddenly be an impact player next year. I still feel I want Reynolds here because of the ADB situation but maybe this says something about that..?

    Byron Maxwell IRed is interesting as well.. but I really like our young CBs.

    Safety.. a bit let down her in training camp. T2 started strong but hasnt shown up as strong in games.. hopefully he ramps it up. Not really surprised they added a castoff.. Delano Hill holds on but hed better to improve to feel secure.

    DL.. POONTA! Nice. Couple of situational pass rushers have become available and they might get a long look at by the Seahawks but Dion Jordan not being PUPed is huge.

  • Things I got correct:

    2/2 QBs
    5/6 RBs (McKissic no IR'd)
    5/6 WRs (Darboh released)
    2/3 TEs (Dickson to NFI and trading for another TE)
    9/10 OLs
    8/9 DL (Dion Jordan activated and Branden Jackson cut)
    6/6 LB (I had Martin making it as a DL instead of LB but didn't see Walden getting IR'd)
    4/6 CB (Missed King and them adding a new CB)
    3/4 S (Didn't see Alexander or them trading for another S)
    3/3 Special Teams

    IR Surprises - Walden, Maxwell, Davis and Malik McDowell

    Looking forward to the Practice Squad guys. Really rooting for McGough to clear waivers and join the team.

    Can't believe Darboh got signed already but he was a 3rd round pick.

  • It will be real interesting to see if Darboh makes an impact in N.E.

    McDowell is IRed? I didnt know that. Wonder if next season he has a chance..

  • Darboh already cut by NE. That was quick.

  • @lymon said in The Final 53! What do you think?:

    Darboh already cut by NE. That was quick.

    alt text

  • Apparently he didnt pass the physical..and has already had surgery.

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