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Brett Hundley is the new backup QB

  • Looks like we traded a 6th round pick for Brett Hundley. Thoughts?

  • Thoughts:

    • Bye Austin - you regressed from your awesome play last pre-season which is why you're not going to be on this team
    • Welcome to the practice squad Alex McGough! - I can't see a team putting a late-round rookie on their roster so McGough gets to stay with Seattle
    • Brent Hundley is the prototypical back-up QB the Seahawks have had in the past; guy with reps but not a world-beater. The best back-up Seattle has ever had was Tavaris Jackson - better than Davis, Boykins, Flynn, or Whitehurst,
    • 6th-round pick is a small loss - but they have gotten good picks in the 6th (2018 DE Jacob Martin, 2012 CB Jeremy Lane, & 2011 CB Bryon Maxwell)

  • A bit disappointed.. the timing is weird. Weve gone through seasons with sort of jokes of back ups before (Boykins......).. and McGough is limited but could grow. Dont really want to give up draft picks for a person that if he plays..we are goinna lose anyway. And going back to what I said about Charlie Whitehurst.... is the THIRD QB on the Packers really worth giving away anything for...? Then what are we doing wrong? Did they think McGough would be further along...? Becuase why a 7th and a 6th ..?

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